Waist Training Guide - Starter Kit

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MagicFit Waist Training Starter Kit

Waist training products in group A will help you burn more fat around your waist area. These waist trainers are recommended to wear at least 4 to 6 hours a day.

waist trainers group B

Waist training products in group B will not only help you shape your waistline to be 2-4 inches slimmer, but also help you to create hourglass waistline. These waist trainers / hourglass creators are recommended to wear at least 4 to 6 hours a day to achieve permanent result fast.

waist trainers group C

Extra comfortable bodysuits and shapewear in group C help you to maintain your waist training result during the day and night . Achieve fast and effective waist training result must have. products in group C are recommended to wear when you are not wearing group a & b products. they are suitable to wear during sleep.

waist training guide


Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars. Based on 627 Reviews

Love it! by Janelle on 02/14/2018

Thanks again for a prompt size exchange. The free express delivery was super fast and I got mine within 24 hours. This waist slimmer fits great and I love the result. Thx

Great customer service! by Molly on 02/05/2018

I had a size problem with my order and the live support team helped me swap sizes. It was really fast and thanks again for the free express delivery service. Overall, I love it and I would recommend MagicFit to anyone.

Happy with the result! by Claudia M on 02/02/2018

I was looking for a light fitting waist slimmer to trim my waist, so I can wear it under my dress without noticing by others. This one does the job and it is very comfortable to wear. The delivery was super fast, I would recommend MagicFit to anyone.

great product! by Trisha on 01/05/2018

This is by far the best latex waist trainer I ever purchased. superb quality and it works.

Love it by Claire on 12/25/2017

This is my first waist trainer and I am in love. Very easy to wear and you eventually forget that you have it on. My body looks amazing in it when I wear in under clothes. Looking forward to seeing the results. Will definitely keep purchasing

Product as described - good by Zoe D on 12/21/2017

I bought this before the 3.00pm deadline or next day delivery but had to wait an extra day for some reason. Once arrived it fitted well and I can see the difference it makes

superb quality, great customer service by Vicky on 12/17/2017

I had to exchange my waist trainer for one size larger. The customer service staff is really helpful and the exchange is super easy. This is my 2nd week of the training, my waist is already 1 inches smaller!!! Couldnt be happier. cheers!!



Best panty by Sabrina Seymour on 12/02/2017

I really love this panty. It is very thin,smooth but still tight. I’ve ordered one to try and find it really good. Am coming back to order more, so I can wear it everyday. If you are looking for something smooth thin but tight, this is worth trying.

Great for jeans by Georgia T Lee on 12/02/2017

I bought the other longer version of the butt lifter but this one is much better for wearing jeans because this is a low cut version. Worth trying. Fast delivery , good quality.

Fantastic for pregnancy recovery by Vicky Jensen on 12/01/2017

I’ve been wearing this panty since I had my baby (c-section) it feels so comfortable. I am 34, first child. I started to wear it on day 3 after c section. Absolutely love it.

Great in Design by DL on 11/29/2017

I ordered nude one. The colour looks a bit different from the picture. The fabric is breathable and feel quite comfortable.

nice trainer, so comfortable to wear. by Bernard Vukovic on 11/23/2017

Very happy with my purchase, great for GYM workout.

Fantastic by Scarlet on 11/18/2017

I bought 2 pair. Only have been wearing them once so far. But they are comfortable and they make me sit up straight which is an added bonus as I slouch. Will be buying more for summer.

Excellent product, excellent service by Bec on 11/16/2017

Wow! Awesome beautiful product and delivery time exceptional. Ordered one day and it arrived the very next day. Very very happy with this product- it feels gorgeous on and looks amazing under my dress or under jeans and hides all lumps. I’m a size 10-12 and I needed the Xlarge, but I also got the XXLarge and it fits beautifully too for more casual days. Thank you!

A bit of a let down by Jasmine on 11/15/2017

The delivery on the product was amazing and the first while I wore it, I really felt like it was working. After wearing it a bit though, I felt as though the material has stretched so it's not as tight now which is annoying even though I followed the size chart. Also the steel bones keep pushing out through the holes in the material and jabbing me, it doesn't help when I struggle to push it back in though. Also for tall people, I am not that tall just average but the waist trainer isn't very long so it doesn't cover the whole area that I wish it had or that it shows in the photos. Another thing is that the top and the bottom of the waist trainer always bend in and dig in which after a while hurts and if you're in no place to fix it then you're stuck, it is probably from the steel rods which are not long enough to run the length of the whole waist trainer. It's pretty good for a basic waist trainer although I wish I has spent some more money to order a better one. Would probably buy from here again but not this product.

I Just Love It by KeilaM on 11/14/2017

I bought my KK waist trainer through this site and I've been wearing it daily for two weeks now. I've noticed a dramatic difference in my posture and my waist. I've had two children and lost over 36 kgs and have excess skin overhang as well as unsightly bulge which won't budge no matter what I do. I read this sites Waist Training Guide and purchased a waist trainer from each section and did exactly what was suggested. I absolutely love the difference. I bought the 6XL in black and I'm already on the tightest clasps, I'm going to now need to go down a size. Ladies its worth it!

AMAZING by KeilaM on 11/14/2017

This will have to be the best all-over slimmer I've ever bought. I've had to wear undergarments like this daily for years, and this is the most comfortable and breathable of the lot, especially in summer. And so effective. It makes me look three times smaller and gives me that beautiful hourglass shape I'm after.

comfortable to wear and works by Nicola on 11/07/2017

It was recommended by my personal trainer from the gym, I got it overnight, the delivery was really fast. It is very easy and comfortable to wear. This is my 2nd week, I will update you guys with my progress later on.

Stuck by Katie on 11/01/2017

Okay, I’m about to give you the most REAL review of this product. I’m currently laying on my bed, defeated.... quite literally STUCK. Let’s start with getting it on, I tried to roll it up over my thighs like it suggests... let’s just say that unless you want to have a leg amputated due to blood loss this isn’t a good idea. I also tried to get it on over my head... I got as far as my cleavage area and almost popped an implant. So back to the thighs it was. After 20 minutes of cracking a sweat and blood red thighs SUCCESS! I got it on. It does flatten your tummy. In fact I liked how flat my mummy bulge looked in it. BUT, then I tried to get it off. Another 20 minutes of cracking a sweat and blood red thighs, blood red boobs and quite a few “F” words later and I lay here defeated. I have considered staying it in forever because let’s face it, it makes me look great. However I am concerned about the smell that might start to present itself after a day or two. Wish me luck!

The best waist trainer, amazing result!! by Sarah Cameron on 10/16/2017

This is the best waist trainer I ever have. Top quality, fit well and the result is amazing. Most certainly I will get more from MagicFit. THX

Great quality latex waist trainer, amazing result! by Scarlett on 10/13/2017

I had mine for almost two weeks now. I love it. The result is amazing,my waist got 1 inches smaller. I guess I can't live without it lol xoxo :)

Happy by Dani on 10/04/2017

I just wore my waist trainer for the first time today. I had it on for 9 hours and I was surprised at how quickly I got used to wearing it. I've tried other waist trainers in the past that were really poor quality and I had to take them off straight away because of how uncomfortable they were, so I was a bit worried, but this waist trainer is awesome! I'm also really happy with the speedy delivery and customer service :) Thanks!

Best trainer wtf! by Janice on 09/19/2017

Legit like, it's the best trainer ever. It's so smooth and comfy! I had a trainer from What's a waist and it was so crap compared to this. It was short and my fat would pop out ugh. This covers from under my boob to my hips! The shape is better than most waist trainers. It's more hour glass and tight in all the right places. My posture has improved heaps as well. I bought this product on sale and I got free express shipping and it came over night! When I first looked at it it looked huge and I was like 'shit imma have to return it' BUT when I put it on, I could only fit it on the end clips. So it deff fits

Beautiful bodysuit, smooth! by Jasper on 09/09/2017

Placed order on Thursday and received it on Friday morning. Try it on straightway, very nice fabric, so smooth, love it!

Perfect by K on 09/08/2017

I love this it's the best it's so comfortable I wish they would make another one like this but with the shorter legs for summer and in black

great slimmer!! by Natalie Palmer on 09/05/2017

Delivery was really fast and it is very good wear underneath clothes. Love it. Thx

it simply works! by Jo on 09/04/2017

it was recommended by a friend on facebook. I have read some comments on facebook and I was a little worried about that I might get the size wrong. I am usually a size 14-16. I followed size chart of this bodysuit and I got the size 3XL. It was a bit challenging to put it on for the very first time and once its on, omg, my muffin top is gone, couldn't be happier. Love it!!! Thanks MagicFit, I would recommend this bodysuit to anyone.

A bit short for girls over 6 ft by Sharon on 08/24/2017

I am a big girl and just a little over 6 ft in height. I was hoping this one is going to be ok. Well, unfortunately it is still a bit short than what I wanted. Anyway, the delivery was really fast and quality is good too.

not my size by Nickolas Nalder on 08/21/2017

guys, make sure you check the size chart. i forgot to check the size chart and it is too small for my arms. :(

The Best Waist Trainer So Far! by Elisha Simpson on 08/21/2017


Beautiful waist cincher, love it! by Angela on 08/20/2017

This is the style I was looking for. Beautiful material and works really well. Love it.

Love it! by Amanda on 08/12/2017

Just bought another two pair. Love it!

My waist is 1 inch smaller in 7 days! by Nicole Howie on 08/12/2017

I love this waist trainer. Amazing quality and really works. Now my waist is 1 inch smaller in 7 days. So excited!!

Hosp by Steph.F on 07/26/2017

Really fast delivery, received my parcel within 3 days, noticed the difference as soon as I put it on, love these ones and definitely will be buying more

Love it by Nicole on 07/21/2017

As soon as I put it on I felt my posture improve, I felt my core was supported so much better and it's comfortable. Quick delivery as it arrived the next day and I can't wait to workout and see results with this. A+

LOVE IT by Tanya on 07/13/2017

Ordered my first waist trainer, was too small. Spoke to the live chat team about exchanging it. I sent mine back - on the same day Magic Fit recieved my waist trainer back - they resent me another one. I got both waist trainers in 1 business day. Super happy with the speed of their service, the help of the staff and the comfort of my waist trainer. Can't wait to see some great results x

Hard to do up if you have big boobs by TraceyJ on 07/09/2017

I just bought this waist trainer and will persevere with it and hope it gets better, or easier to put on. My main problem is I am DD/DDD so to see over your boobs to do up the extremely tiny clips is SO HARD! It's comfortable once on. I don't know if one with a zipper is easier. Other than that, Magicfit were really quick and great to deal with and the quality of it is good. I am going away so hopefully I get results out of it

Great with my mini skirt by Cherie Godwin on 07/09/2017

Its great with my mini skirt, but took almost 7 days to get to L.A. I wish I have ordered 2 instead of just one. How come the picture didn't really show the black color?

Can't have enough of this by Renee Flanders on 07/09/2017

Very comfortable, easy to wear. the result is immediate. I can't have enough of this. I strongly recommend you purchase at least 2.

Absolutely brilliant design by Bianca Manning on 07/09/2017

I laughed at this design when I see this idea. But I thought Id just give it a go. It really works. I am back to the site to order another one. You can actually wear it with your G-string but if your G-string is too tight it may leave you a mark. So the best idea is just to wear this panty to replace your own underwear. I hope this helps.

Beautiful bodysuit and really smooth! love it! by Narada Stehlin on 07/09/2017

I am not a fat person but I do have some loose skin as a middle age mother of two. A very good friend of mine told me about Magic Fit and I fell in love with this one particularly due to the look of the bodysuit. I paid my order via Afterpay and received my order the very next day which is super fast. I tried it on immediately and it is so smooth and thin. It hold my body so well and all my loose skin disappeared straightaway. Love it! Thanks a lot to Magic Fit. I would recommend this one to anyone who has loose skin problems.

Best recovery shorts ever purchased! by Rachel Thomson on 07/06/2017

I had my 2nd child 6 months ago and I've bought many recovery wear and none of them works the way I want until I received this one from Magic Fit. It fits very nicely and it does flatten my lower belly instantly. Most importantly it doesn't roll over edges. I have just bought another two pair today and looks like I am going to receive them tomorrow. The delivery was super fast. Thanks alot. xoxo :)

Tight and Smooth by Taylor G on 06/25/2017

I really like the design, so much easier compare to the bodysuit I used to wear. It is much tighter than I though and it gave me a very smooth bodice. Thanks for the overnight delivery. It is truly amazing.

Great for low waist skirt and jeans! by Fiona Little on 06/24/2017

I was looking for a butt lifter like this for quite sometime. I do have a large thigh and this butt lifter is just perfect for me. Not only giving me a slimmer thigh, but also does lift my butt. I love it. xoxo, FANTASTIC!

So comfortable and works like a charm. by Jenika Schulz on 06/24/2017

I was recommended by live support to get this panty to flatten my belly and it does exactly the way I wanted. This panty is surprisingly comfortable and seamless under clothes. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a quick fix on lower belly problems. btw, the delivery was fantastic and it arrived at my door the next day(Brisbane).

Instant tummy flattening!! Love it! by Amber Quinn on 06/24/2017

I received my order within 24 hours which is amazing. This cincher is very well made and fits perfectly on my bodice and gave me very smooth waistline and flat tummy like magic. Most importantly, it is invisible under my uniform (skirt) and I just ordered 2nd one today, thank you so very much. Very satisfied customer. Cheers

Its amaizing by Miss Blagica on 06/21/2017

After having my waist trainer for 2 weeks now, I absolutely love it ...It is very comfortable to wear and gives a nice shape.

Fast shipping, great product by kaitlin Romer on 06/21/2017

I'm in love with my waist trainer! The waist trainer is a comfortable fit and it helped me lose inches.Thanks!!

high quality leggings by Kely Morgan on 06/21/2017

I give this product/company all 5 stars because: 1, high waist leggings are comfortable and no messy when doing sit-ups. 2, cool- max- like breathable fabric 3. nice cute mesh panels design PS. shipping is super fast--overnight.

Fabulous Design by Bree Moore on 06/18/2017

I am surprised no one gives any review on this item. It is such a great item. I am 42. 3 children with belly and love-handle. This panty is fantastic. I have ordered a nude colour last week on Wednesday morning and received my parcel on Thursday 2:20pm. I am coming back to order two more. The part with hooks really flats my tummy off. It is a great design. Thank you.

Great result by Kim Byron on 06/12/2017

very good result. I have been wearing it for 4 and a half weeks, it has already reduced my waist by 2.5 inches!

Thick but effective by Reichelle Mullings on 06/08/2017

It is harder to put on compared to the kim latex waist trainer. But it does feel stronger.

Took 2 Days on delivery by Amanda Gibson on 06/06/2017

I live in WA, it took 2 days on delivery. quality of the bodysuit is good.

Looks great in Black by Glorine Leano on 05/30/2017

The floral design look really nice with skin colour go through a little bit. it is tight but still comfortable. I totally agree with other reviews. Thanks to whoever for writing reviews of this item.

Great design on waist part by Sarah Brown on 05/29/2017

I wasn't a fan of the blue colour but this is the only choice so I have ordered this bodysuit. I have to say the design on the waist part is a real highlight. The part is semi-attached with the top which created a waistline naturally. Then you can close the hook on the top part which slims down my waist. I have to say it is such a great design and it is comfortable too.

Love the Shoulder Straps by ashley Maddox on 05/28/2017

I was worried it is too short for me as I have a long torso at 5'4. But this fits perfect. Love the shoulder straps. Fabric is tight but very comfortable. Thanks for other reviews to help me make a quick decision.

Tighest and Smoothest ever by Krista Nader on 05/27/2017

This is the tightest and the smoothest, strongest bodysuit I have ever purchased. amazed by the quality of it. Thanks.

Why not in White too? by Meghan Banagan on 05/27/2017

I have been wearing this product for over a year. I have 2 black and 2 nude colour. Really love this design. My husband thought I am only wearing a sexy lingerie. Why not in White too? I'd love it in white too.

Good Quality but Not happy with Delivery by Nicolette Ayoub on 05/27/2017

I've ordered this item last Saturday and only have received it on Tuesday. Isn't it suppose to be overnight delivery? But the product is very comfortable in good quality. Thanks.

Good Quality by Hope Etheridge on 05/26/2017

Good Quality, thin breathable material but good for gym. Great design. Love it.

Beautiful fabric by Santos Beran on 05/26/2017

Beautiful smooth fabric. Tight but still very comfortable. If you are looking for something with compression but still comfortable. This would be the one. Straps are thick and comfy too.

Disappointed about delivery by Nicole Shirley on 05/25/2017

very disappointed about the delivery. Australia post delivered my parcel to my neighbor by mistake, I could have lost my parcel which was for my sister's wedding. Very disappointed with this delivery service.

Happy experience by Sonia Perkins on 05/25/2017

First time shopping online. This has been a very happy experience. I have purchased a wrong size at the beginning and changed to the correct size within a week. This bodysuit is very tight and really good quality. Definitely recommend to everyone here who reads this review.

Lightweight essential by Winnie Roberts on 05/25/2017

Just jumped on this site to write my very first review of magicfit. I bought this for attending a wedding this coming Saturday. I was worried about delivery but delivery was very fast. I placed my order on Monday and received it on Tuesday. Amazing! Product looks nice and classy. it doesn't squeeze my boobs like the picture which I was a bit concerned about. It smoothed me out on my body. am very happy with it. I'd give quality a 4 star only because I think it doesn't look as perfect as the magicfit latex waist trainer I have ordered on this site.

2nd review by Ldyofluck on 05/17/2017

Hi guys As promised to review after 2 weeks of waist trainer, it's actually working from 43 inches to 37 inches I'm losing like crazy also I used apple cider vinegar 2 times a day ( morning and before bedtime) and garcinia cambogia as a supplement to give me extra effective in weight loss. Pretty much happy with my results and was thinking of ordering my 2nd waist trainer. Cheers Ldyofluck

My waist is 3 inches smaller after 4 weeks! by Jennifer Carlin on 05/14/2017

I love this waist trainer. After 4 weeks of proactive waist training (pretty much 6-8 hours a day), my waist is 3 inches smaller. I have just ordered a smaller size, so excited! BIG thank you to magic fit. Cheers!

First update by Ldyofluck on 05/02/2017

Hi guys Just received waist training and this will be my first update so I know which date I started using this product. Also I'll review again in the next 2 week to see effectiveness of this product. Overall I'm happy with the services quick and easy on handling the product and new customer.

second to none!! by Tara Edwards on 04/30/2017

If you are looking the best latex waist trainer, then this is it. Solid structure, amazing quality and fits nicely on my waist. My waist got 3 inches smaller as soon as I put it on. This is my 2nd purchase on magicfit and I am extremely happy with my purchases. It simply works. I would recommend magicfit to anyone. thx xoxo

The best latex waist trainer ever purchased online! by Victoria Hickman on 04/30/2017

I tried my friend's one couple of weeks ago and she bought it here. I love the quality and it is so much better than the one I bought from the other place and the price is even better here. btw, the delivery was so fast. I live in Brisbane and I received my order in 18 hours. Very professional customer service staff who helped me with sizes thru live chat on the website. Very happy with my purchase and I will come back again for more. Highly recommended!

high quality nice design by Sylvia Moffat on 04/04/2017

Hot leggings. Good quality. After several washes(>5) still tight and tidy, without annoying bulk on knees. Super fast delivery. Very happy

breathable lovely corset by Louise Kopinski on 04/04/2017

A really lovely under bust corset. The mesh fabric is breathable and very comfortable. Delivery is fast and reliable.

Good but not great . by Sharron on 04/02/2017

I bought this on Thursday afternoon at 3:45 pm it arrived Friday morning . Very happy with that speed of delivery . It's an attractive under garment as far as these items go. I'm a size 12 up top and a 14 to 16 thighs and bum . . The XL fits well but it's not right enough to be called a waste trainer . It digs a little into my thighs also , but not to much . Being a pear shape it's hard to get a good fit with this . The easy access for the loo is good , but because I have a larger butt it's not so flattering in that area . A body suit type set up rather then a gapping hole for it all to hang out of would better in the larger sizes . Over all though I felt comfortable only having to adjust the gusset and thighs every so often .

basic comfortable short for everyone by Ella Mo on 03/27/2017

A basic comfortable short for everyone. I bought two colors. Speedy delivery. Nice website~~~

smooth upper body and flatten tummy by Diana Vella on 03/27/2017

This well made body shaper dress helps me a lot. It smooths upper body and flattens tummy--perfect for my dresses. I like the smooth/elegant fabric and modest design. Delivery is also fast. Thank you very much.

Just Perfect. by Leeanne on 03/27/2017

I got my Item the next day and put it on, it was so comfortable I hardly knew I was wearing it. Love, Love, Love it. Thanks

Great for after birth recovery by Alyssa Gordon on 03/26/2017

I started wearing this on the third day after my c-section. really nice and tide. strongly recommended if you also have c-section. delivery is super fast so you can order it after your c-section, so you can get your exact measurement.

great waist trainer by Yvonne R. on 03/21/2017

It arrived on time and much more comfortable than I had thought it would be . I had a baby and started using it right away. Thanks.

perfect for wearing under almost any outfit by Georgia Micheal on 03/20/2017

This smooth and comfortable lovely bodysuit is perfect for wearing under almost any outfit ! from trousers and tops, to shorts and tanks, to dresses and skirts!

create a smooth silhouette by Shirley on 03/20/2017

I love this bodies!! It smooths out stomach, lift bosom, make bum look perky and create a smooth silhouette – all in one! Thank you so much! BTW, shipping is also first- class.

Amazing quality by Kiexshara Verdin on 03/14/2017

Amazing quality, great prices and very quick delivery as well as a great exchange policy! THX!

waist reduction of 4 inches at once!! by Elena Misirli on 03/13/2017

This waist trainer is breathable and very comfortable!! I got waist reduction of 4 inches after wearing it. And I can still breath:))) I like it very much and will purchase another color.

comfortable well made waist trainer by Huong on 03/13/2017

I'll say, at this price, this heavy duty (really very heavy) corset like waist trainer is very well-made. It is snug, but comfortably fits at the ribs and hips, compressing only waist, which allows for easy breathing. Impressive fast over night shipping. Highly recommend.

Quality products and works really well. by Jabu Ronnings on 03/08/2017

Great customer service fast delivery and quality products.I bought this a few weeks ago in helping to tighten my waist for an upcoming fitness competition. I would buy this again.

combines waist trainer and leg slimmer together by Whitney Morrison on 03/08/2017

This bodysuit combines waist trainer and leg slimmer, which are exactly I need. With its help, I can get a more sleek silhouette. If you have a big event coming up and you want a little something extra to help you look and feel your best, this maybe a good choice. BTW, express is really impressive. Thank you very much.

light, soft and very comfortable by Shannon Karner on 03/08/2017

I am very happy with this waist trainer, it is light and soft and very comfortable. The soft steel bones perfectly support my body. The small holes on the fabric make the trainer breathable. I will definitely recommend this product.

Like the functional design by Misha Safari on 03/06/2017

I bought 2 , one black, one nude. I am very happy to give 5 stars to this product. High waist and G- string design make it suitable for almost all dresses. Shipping is also fast and secure. Thank you very much.

great product by saintalvin on 03/06/2017

After Christmas I gained 5 KG:( This great product got me into my formal dress and gives me confidence again. Now I need to go to gym.

NOT HAPPY! by Mira on 02/27/2017

I had to sent it back for size exchange and It took 3 days to receive the new one. The zip on the new one is really hard to close. I spoke with the staff member and she said to me that I've got one size too small and I should have kept the bigger one. Now I don't know what to do. I don't wanna bigger one.

perfect for dress by Dannielle on 02/23/2017

This product is perfect for dress, comfortable and invisible^^^^^I bought a beige color first, then bought a black one. It's a must buy. Speedy overnight shipping. I am in Mel and got my order in 24 hours. Amazing.

Heavy duty waist trainer by Tammy J. on 02/23/2017

I like this heavy duty waist trainer. It fits me well and very comfortable. Delivery was fast and decent package. Thank you very much. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

Just started by Newbie on 02/22/2017

Bought the black colour, but now is red colour as I am wearing the other side due to the fold of the material. I have a deep long mark on my arm when I wear " correctly" the last 2 days. Hope tomorrow I won't get the mark again.

Good product. slow delivery by jessica scott on 02/21/2017

I bought this waist trainer on 3rd Feb, only received it on 7th. I understand there was a weekend but still not very happy. It was not that "express delivery". Except for that, all good.

a must buy for yoga lover by Kiara G. on 02/17/2017

I put two orders from this company. First order was the black yoga pant. It is really well made and comfortable(especially the waist design). After 3 weeks I ordered a grey pant. For yoga lovers, this pant is a must buy. Highly recommend.

Very sturdy corset by Cameron Whyte on 02/17/2017

This heavy duty corset is very sturdy. (and heavy as well...) Love the quality. Speedy shipping---overnight delivery.

all 5 stars by Nichole White on 02/16/2017

I'll give all 5 stars for the quality of product, delivery and customer service. The leggings is very comfortable and fit. Parcel delivered overnight. Online chat friendly and effective~~One word, a happy customer.

Excellent customer service by Rebecca M. on 02/16/2017

I returned my first order due to wrong size. They just exchanged one in 1 week with ZERO questions asked of me. I didn't need to fill in complicated forms some online store ask for, just left a short message on invoice copy, sent with the product. So easy. Excellent customer service.

Comfortable Waist Slimmer by Marianne J. Millard on 02/15/2017

My order arrived on time and was exactly what I ordered. The sizing chart was accurate and it fitted perfectly. This is the most comfortable waist slimmer type panty I ever tried. Delivery is fast. Highly recommend.

Effective product as descriped by Cindy Jamela on 02/13/2017

This Arm Slimmer works well on me. My arm size is 10 inches.perfect match. Recommend this product to all gym lovers. It arrived fast too. No complain.

beautifully made corset by July O'sullivan on 02/13/2017

Beautifully made corset and amazing price! I put the order on Friday, but the parcel came on Monday, not Saturday as I expected. Except for that, all good.

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