Waist Training Guide - Starter Kit

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MagicFit Waist Training Starter Kit

Waist training products in group A will help you burn more fat around your waist area. These waist trainers are recommended to wear at least 4 to 6 hours a day.

waist trainers group B

Waist training products in group B will not only help you shape your waistline to be 2-4 inches slimmer, but also help you to create hourglass waistline. These waist trainers / hourglass creators are recommended to wear at least 4 to 6 hours a day to achieve permanent result fast.

waist trainers group C

Extra comfortable bodysuits and shapewear in group C help you to maintain your waist training result during the day and night . Achieve fast and effective waist training result must have. products in group C are recommended to wear when you are not wearing group a & b products. they are suitable to wear during sleep.

waist training guide


Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars. Based on 553 Reviews

high quality nice design by Sylvia Moffat on 04/04/2017

Hot leggings. Good quality. After several washes(>5) still tight and tidy, without annoying bulk on knees. Super fast delivery. Very happy

breathable lovely corset by Louise Kopinski on 04/04/2017

A really lovely under bust corset. The mesh fabric is breathable and very comfortable. Delivery is fast and reliable.

Good but not great . by Sharron on 04/02/2017

I bought this on Thursday afternoon at 3:45 pm it arrived Friday morning . Very happy with that speed of delivery . It's an attractive under garment as far as these items go. I'm a size 12 up top and a 14 to 16 thighs and bum . . The XL fits well but it's not right enough to be called a waste trainer . It digs a little into my thighs also , but not to much . Being a pear shape it's hard to get a good fit with this . The easy access for the loo is good , but because I have a larger butt it's not so flattering in that area . A body suit type set up rather then a gapping hole for it all to hang out of would better in the larger sizes . Over all though I felt comfortable only having to adjust the gusset and thighs every so often .

basic comfortable short for everyone by Ella Mo on 03/27/2017

A basic comfortable short for everyone. I bought two colors. Speedy delivery. Nice website~~~

smooth upper body and flatten tummy by Diana Vella on 03/27/2017

This well made body shaper dress helps me a lot. It smooths upper body and flattens tummy--perfect for my dresses. I like the smooth/elegant fabric and modest design. Delivery is also fast. Thank you very much.

Just Perfect. by Leeanne on 03/27/2017

I got my Item the next day and put it on, it was so comfortable I hardly knew I was wearing it. Love, Love, Love it. Thanks

Great for after birth recovery by Alyssa Gordon on 03/26/2017

I started wearing this on the third day after my c-section. really nice and tide. strongly recommended if you also have c-section. delivery is super fast so you can order it after your c-section, so you can get your exact measurement.

great waist trainer by Yvonne R. on 03/21/2017

It arrived on time and much more comfortable than I had thought it would be . I had a baby and started using it right away. Thanks.

perfect for wearing under almost any outfit by Georgia Micheal on 03/20/2017

This smooth and comfortable lovely bodysuit is perfect for wearing under almost any outfit ! from trousers and tops, to shorts and tanks, to dresses and skirts!

create a smooth silhouette by Shirley on 03/20/2017

I love this bodies!! It smooths out stomach, lift bosom, make bum look perky and create a smooth silhouette – all in one! Thank you so much! BTW, shipping is also first- class.

Amazing quality by Kiexshara Verdin on 03/14/2017

Amazing quality, great prices and very quick delivery as well as a great exchange policy! THX!

waist reduction of 4 inches at once!! by Elena Misirli on 03/13/2017

This waist trainer is breathable and very comfortable!! I got waist reduction of 4 inches after wearing it. And I can still breath:))) I like it very much and will purchase another color.

comfortable well made waist trainer by Huong on 03/13/2017

I'll say, at this price, this heavy duty (really very heavy) corset like waist trainer is very well-made. It is snug, but comfortably fits at the ribs and hips, compressing only waist, which allows for easy breathing. Impressive fast over night shipping. Highly recommend.

Quality products and works really well. by Jabu Ronnings on 03/08/2017

Great customer service fast delivery and quality products.I bought this a few weeks ago in helping to tighten my waist for an upcoming fitness competition. I would buy this again.

combines waist trainer and leg slimmer together by Whitney Morrison on 03/08/2017

This bodysuit combines waist trainer and leg slimmer, which are exactly I need. With its help, I can get a more sleek silhouette. If you have a big event coming up and you want a little something extra to help you look and feel your best, this maybe a good choice. BTW, express is really impressive. Thank you very much.

light, soft and very comfortable by Shannon Karner on 03/08/2017

I am very happy with this waist trainer, it is light and soft and very comfortable. The soft steel bones perfectly support my body. The small holes on the fabric make the trainer breathable. I will definitely recommend this product.

Like the functional design by Misha Safari on 03/06/2017

I bought 2 , one black, one nude. I am very happy to give 5 stars to this product. High waist and G- string design make it suitable for almost all dresses. Shipping is also fast and secure. Thank you very much.

great product by saintalvin on 03/06/2017

After Christmas I gained 5 KG:( This great product got me into my formal dress and gives me confidence again. Now I need to go to gym.

NOT HAPPY! by Mira on 02/27/2017

I had to sent it back for size exchange and It took 3 days to receive the new one. The zip on the new one is really hard to close. I spoke with the staff member and she said to me that I've got one size too small and I should have kept the bigger one. Now I don't know what to do. I don't wanna bigger one.

perfect for dress by Dannielle on 02/23/2017

This product is perfect for dress, comfortable and invisible^^^^^I bought a beige color first, then bought a black one. It's a must buy. Speedy overnight shipping. I am in Mel and got my order in 24 hours. Amazing.

Heavy duty waist trainer by Tammy J. on 02/23/2017

I like this heavy duty waist trainer. It fits me well and very comfortable. Delivery was fast and decent package. Thank you very much. Will definitely recommend to my friends.

Just started by Newbie on 02/22/2017

Bought the black colour, but now is red colour as I am wearing the other side due to the fold of the material. I have a deep long mark on my arm when I wear " correctly" the last 2 days. Hope tomorrow I won't get the mark again.

Good product. slow delivery by jessica scott on 02/21/2017

I bought this waist trainer on 3rd Feb, only received it on 7th. I understand there was a weekend but still not very happy. It was not that "express delivery". Except for that, all good.

Very sturdy corset by Cameron Whyte on 02/17/2017

This heavy duty corset is very sturdy. (and heavy as well...) Love the quality. Speedy shipping---overnight delivery.

Effective product as descriped by Cindy Jamela on 02/13/2017

This Arm Slimmer works well on me. My arm size is 10 inches.perfect match. Recommend this product to all gym lovers. It arrived fast too. No complain.

beautifully made corset by July O'sullivan on 02/13/2017

Beautifully made corset and amazing price! I put the order on Friday, but the parcel came on Monday, not Saturday as I expected. Except for that, all good.

Speedy delivery.Helpful live chat. by Abbey Oliver on 02/10/2017

Speedy delivery. Got my order in 3 days which is amazing 'cause I live in a remote area in QLD. Size chart was OK. It took me a few minutes on how to put it on, live chat was really helpful.

If you are huge, don't worry about it by Tinyka Martins on 02/10/2017

I mean I am size 22, I thought my arm measurement is 42cm. It doesn't fit well...... I think you have to be maybe under 40cm. I mean you can't be huge to be able to wear this comfortably. I gave it to my sister, her arm is measured at 38cm. She loves it.

It works by joanne Schnaubelt on 02/10/2017

I have to say it really works. I am a size smaller now, just putting through my order. I thought I'd write a review, so others can benefit from it. Good service too, if you are not sure, book a specialist to work out a plan and know whether it is right for you. You can actually go a size down if you are on the lower end of the size chart. I found the size is slightly larger. All the best xox

All 5 stars by Rosa Sheppey on 02/10/2017

Great quality, Great value for money, I ordered on Wednesday, it arrived yesterday (on Thursday). Looking good too. I have worn it to my gym this morning with my kim k Latex in pink. Looking hot. l

Great fit for any height by Jemma Daryoush on 02/10/2017

Fit me 172cm and my mum who is only 164cm (about 5'4) you can adjust at the strips. It is very tight and looks exactly the same with the picture. I am very happy with it. Thank you.

Great for pregnancy recovery by Jade McMahon on 02/10/2017

Thanks for Rachel in the specialist team who prepared a plan for me before I had my baby. I was all setup, ready to go when I gave birth. I start wearing this 48 hours after I gave birth to my baby girl. Love the result so far, my baby is 8 weeks now and I am already on other trainers. I'd strongly recommend this for postpartum, you can wear it for the first 4 weeks right after you give birth.

Great for tall girls by Ateng Griffin on 02/10/2017

My wedding is in 2 months, I am 176cm and I wanted something to make me more of an hourglass shape. I was worried a normal waist trainer would be too short for my torso because I am tall. I called the customer service to speak to a specialist. Thanks for the advice, it fits very well.

very nice by Vanessa Tumataiki on 02/10/2017

quality is very nice. i just starting wearing it. It is actually quite comfortable. Delivery was fast too. Thanks.

fast shipping accurate description by Rasika S. K. on 02/09/2017

The product and the delivery service are really amazing. The fabric is latex--heavy and effective, you will get what I mean, especially when you wear it in gym^^ Thank you very much. Definitely recommend to everyone.

lovely outfit, prompt delivery by Annabelle P. on 02/09/2017

This comfortable waist trainer fits me well, just a little bit short( I am 175cm). I should read the description more carefully:) . Thanks for the prompt over night delivery and the live chat is really helpful.I 'll try the corset you recommended later.

well made and fits great! by Jody on 02/03/2017

I received my order this morning, the delivery was super fast. Legging is really well made, fits great and the mesh panel looks really good too. I love it :)

I barely exercise by Janet on 02/02/2017

I have been wearing this for about 3 weeks now. Next day delivery as advertised (super impressed). Being a working mother I barely do any exercise and I sit in the office all day. This is comfortable enough for me to wear almost ALL the time. Only 3 weeks, I have lost an inch already! I am ready for my next size down!!! Overall, love this product!

Great product! by Stephanie on 01/25/2017

I'll admit I was sceptical when I first looked into Waist trainers. You hear the horror stories of women taking it too far and the use of a corset being a torture device of a bygone age (this is incorrect! They can be safe to use so long as you use them correctly!) Corsets are more than just vanity items. They can help with back pain and core muscle problems caused by pregnancy. The latter is the reason I got one. The effects and relief for me was almost immediate! My back felt more supported straight away. This waist trainer is comfortable and the sizing chart was spot on for me! Make sure you measure yourself properly using their examples and chart because you cannot judge it based on top size. I was worried I had gotten it wrong but as soon as I put it on it was perfect! I also don't feel like a stuffed sausage! It fits beautifully and comfortably that I would highly recommend one! I chose the sports one because I'm constantly on the move with my kids and needed one that was breathable. Wonderful product! Highly recommend!

Sceptic Converted! by Joanna on 01/19/2017

I don't normally write these things, but I spent so much time reading the reviews before buying this that I thought it warranted a write-up! I've been wearing for a month after a c-section seven months ago (third child). Quality: extremely well made. The hooks and eyes are really strong (which is required as you will be pulling on these things for dear mercy in the beginning). Latex is not too thick and molds beautifully to natural curves after a full wear. Discreet under clothing that isn't too tight. Boning is flexible enough not to restrict movement or workout but strong enough to maintain posture and correct exercises. Ends of boning is finished well and I haven't felt it dig in or break. Result: I've eaten a little healthier but have maintained my exercise regime (which is really just doing housework). Will be buying a size down now. Stomach is noticeably smaller (I suffered from diastasis recti of 4cm). Will start strengthening core soon as I think you would need to in order to keep shape long term. Experience: buy based on your sucking in stomach size. When in doubt use the chat lady. Super helpful and glad I listened! First time putting on and taking off, I needed my husbands help. It is uncomfortable for the first few wears but you get used to it. Now I actually enjoy wearing it as it eases my bad back pain! Be cautious if you have overly sensitive skin. Do pelvic floor exercises with it on and off though every day. Wore it for 6-8 hours a day with a rest day and now going down a size after a month. It works!!!!

I love these by SophieJay on 01/13/2017

I do really love these Knicks, they hold all my tum in and since a 34kg weight loss I feel like I can use these to help flatten my tum in certain skirts dresses etc :) I do have a little bit of a back muffin but I can't blame the pants!!!!! Would 100% recommend to everyone

Wow wow wow by SophieJay on 01/13/2017

I literally thought I wasn't going to fit into this as it was going a bit hard up my thighs. But once on, oh my god!!!!! I waist train Almost every day and have done for the past 12 month the results have been amazing and in the process (and healthy eating) I've lost 34 kilos. My waist trainer now sticks out a bit and I wanted something that will hold me in and keep all my loose skin flat and boy oh boy does this do the trick! I am absolutely over the moon. It's so comfortable and I don't even care about my loose skin I can't see it as it's completely held in with this one piece! I'm in ore of this and will buy another in black :D thanks magic fit I will be ordering AGAIN!!!!!!! Xoxox

My waist got 4 inches smaller!! by Sam Mcdougall on 01/08/2017

As soon as I put it on, my waist got 4 inches smaller. Amazing quality and it fits exactly the way I wanted. Thanks again for all your help with sizes. Cheers!

Good price and seamless to wear under clothes. by Amanda on 01/05/2017

A good friend of mine told me about MagicFit and I found this one is just perfect for what I was looking for. Super fast delivery and delivery is free :) It works really well under my shirt and I love it, it flatten my belly instantly. Highly recommended!

Great for workout in summer by Jennifer on 01/05/2017

I received my waist trainer this morning. Delivery was free and really fast. The product is very well packed and great quality. It is much more comfortable than I thought. Highly recommended if you want to get a waist trainer for summer season.

Not good for short torso person by Carlee on 01/05/2017

I am about 150cm tall with very short torso, if you are like me, then it is not for you. I try it on and bodice is too long. So I send it back and exchanged to a latex waist trainer which is just perfect for me. btw, customer service is quite friendly and exchange is so easy. Thanks again!

Best bodysuit ever purchased! by Surene Swart on 01/03/2017

I had a look the reviews of this product, it is quite good by the looks. I ordered mine on Monday and received it on Tuesday. The delivery was quite impressive as I am in Melbourne. I was amazed that the quality is amazing and it fits really well. I would recommend to anyone!

Could be better by Sam on 12/30/2016

I ordered a size small and thought no way this would go up my thighs, but i found with some hard wriggling i managed to put it on. So it took me a while to get it on. The zipper was almost impossible to close. I would recommend no zipper rather replaced with the hooks. The zipper kept falling down that was really annoying. The sheer material needs to be worked on and the seems near the knees need to become more seem free, Howeven it does suck everything in.

Super Hot Active Leggings!! by Bianca Holland on 12/28/2016

No wonder its so popular. Great quality and fit perfectly! Cheers!

Absolutely love it by S.Murdock on 12/15/2016

I'm usually terrible at leaving reviews but I am so impressed with this waist trainer that I really wanted to take the time out to write this. I had our second baby 4 months ago via C-section and just started working out again and clean eating. I was skeptical about trying something like this but I AM SO GLAD I DID!!! Not only do I look great wearing it, which is a great confidence boost after having a baby (body changes so much!!) but it really does work. This is my second week wearing it and I've already gone down in size. Quality is also fantastic. Thank you magicfit, I'm excited to be purchasing the next size down!!!!

product is great and price is even better by Carol on 12/12/2016

I received my waist trainer within 24 hours. It fits nicely under my dress and it does flatten my tummy well. Great product and price is even better!!! Highly recommended!! xoxo :)

Great customer service!! by Melody Chrispen on 12/09/2016

I had to swap to a bigger size. Customer service was really friendly and the exchange was really fast and smooth. I have now received my new waist trainer. It fits nicely and so excited! I would recommend MagicFit to anyone. :)

Beautiful Leggings, Super Fast Delivery!! by Nicole on 12/07/2016

I ordered mine yesterday afternoon and received it this morning. Really happy about the delivery.. Leggings are very nice, great quality and most importantly true to the size. Love it!!! Will come back for more :)

Great product for summer weather. Super customer serivce by Teeni on 12/06/2016

I was looking for ages for a product to wear to an outdoor wedding in the height of summer. Got the extreme run around by multiple US stores (DONT use herroom) and then tried here. Ordered Sunday arvo and order arrived Tuesday! So impressed! The cami runs true to size and gives what I would call moderate shaping to waist and hips. It cinches the waist better than it smooths the stomach. Despite it not quite creating the ultimate hourglass shape, it does a really good job for what it's made of- - lovely light breathable mesh-making it comfy to wear under lightweight flimsy clothes throughout even the hottest days. Good product to get the best of both worlds

Excited by Amie on 12/05/2016

Hi I ordered last Friday and arrived today, Monday. Excellent packing. I'm very excited and I opened it and put straight away on my belly. I am hoping to lose this belly fat from my twin pregnancy. Cross fingers. I will put a review after few weeks that I wore it. But at the moment thanks a lot. I'm expecting that this product will help me, give me confidence and will make me happy again. Cheers Amie

Great for everyday wear! by Cathy Ramm on 12/03/2016

Delivery was next day as advertised. Good quality and super comfortable, it actually hold my belly in quite nicely. I would recommend this bodysuit to anyone. Thanks

FAST DELIVERY by Lovy on 12/02/2016


I love my new leggings! by Mel Wylie on 11/28/2016

Fits well and super sexy!! loooovvvvveeee it!

It helped me lost 4 inches off waist in 6 weeks! by Caroline on 11/28/2016

Thanks to MagicFit for such a great waist trainer. It works so great and I lost 4 inches off my waist in the first 6 weeks. Highly recommended!!

I love this by Annie on 11/14/2016

I first ordered an XXXL as when I measured my waist, it fell under that category. Recieved my waist trainer a few days later, tried it on and was a little unhappy as it didnt sit right and it just looked wrong. So I sent it back for an exchange and got the XL as i felt that would have fit best. Recieved my trainer this morning, just put it on and it is perfect. It makes my body look so much better under clothes and hides my love handles. I was so sceptical at first but I am in love.

I had to pick it up from post office, not happy!! by Cassie Arthur on 11/11/2016

I work 9 to 5 and they left a card for me to pick up my order at the post office. By the time I got home, the post office is already closed and I had to go there in the morning. And post office is on the other side of the train station, so inconvenience, not happy!!!

It works like a charm! by Felicity Brucesmith on 11/10/2016

This is THE best latex waist trainer I ever purchased online. Thanks again to the live support lady who helped me with sizes and finding the right product for me. Well done! Highly recommended!

Must have comfortable waist trainer by Theresa on 11/10/2016

The Quality of the product is amazing! This is my first waist trainer and I was very impressed, It was just as mentioned very breathable and instant results on the top. It slimmed my stomach, tried under my dress and the waist trainer was invisible. I was also surprised by how fast it arrived at my door step. I will definitely be buying from this site again. I recommend this to anyone!

Breathable! by Katrina on 11/05/2016

I love my new breathable latex waist trainer, so I can wear it during working hours without sweat too much. You guys been so helpful, especially the live support lady who helped me with sizes at the night time. Amazing !!!

The Best Latex Trainer Ever Purchased by Petro Rich on 10/30/2016

Thanks for all the help from live support, without your help I would have got my size wrong. The delivery was super fast and great quality latex. I would recommend MagicFit to anyone. Cheers

It does flatten your belly! by Lyn Mitchell on 10/27/2016

Guys, if you having a flabby tummy like me, then you need this bodysuit. It does flatten your belly and works really well. Amazing quality and the delivery was super fast too. :) btw, I am going to get the arm fat burner.

Top Gear for Gym by Nikita Chandran on 10/26/2016

My friends told me about MagicFit and I fall in love with this bodysuit. I received my order 3 weeks ago. I wore this to Gym all the time and by far this is the best workout gear I ever purchased. Thanks guys :)

love this product :) by Jessie on 10/24/2016

I gave 4 stars because I believe there always a better product in the future. I love this panty. It does job. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Really tight and works well. by Sakshi on 10/23/2016

I was looking for something that can help to reduce arm size and I came cross to this product by MagicFit. I decided to give a try. The delivery was really fast. I live in Brisbane and I received my arm slimmer the next day. I had this slimmer for about 4 weeks now, it works really well and my arm size is about 3cm smaller. Highly recommended. Cheers:)

Amazing waist trainer, great for summer. by Laura Hemsley on 10/17/2016

If you are looking for a latex waist trainer in summer season, this is it. Great design and best for summer workout. Highly recommended!

Great product and it works. by Jo on 10/15/2016

I got mine delivered two weeks ago and I use it almost everyday and my thigh is 2cm smaller now, very happy. Thanks to MagicFit.

Great for workout in summer. by Louise on 10/11/2016

A friend of mine suggested MagicFit to me for its waist trainer collection and I fall in love with this one. I received my order overnight as promised and it fits like a magic. Thanks a lot and I will come back for more.

It works and I love it ! by Julia on 10/10/2016

I had this arm slimmer for a little over a month now. It worked really well. I would recommend MagicFit to anyone. Thx.

Good customer service by Karina on 10/08/2016

Thanks for all the help from live support, I was going to go with my cloth size. Lucky I did ask live support to check the sizes. Then I realize that I need to measure my waist and check the size chart for sizes. Delivery was really fast and it's free. Great quality and I love it very much. Cheers!

Awesome! by K on 09/30/2016

This is my 3rd purchase from magicfit and I'm very happy with all my purchases. This corset is great for a killer hourglass body! Quality is amazing and its very strong yet still comfortable to wear long term. Very amazed with this corset! Keep the good work up magic fit! Will be purchasing more from you guys. Xoxo

Lovely bodysuit with great control by Melissa Jocelyn on 09/28/2016

It is actually better than I expected. I wear all different kinds of bodysuit on daily basis. Amazing quality and great control on the tummy. Butt lifting isn't the best, but very nice and comfy. Cheers

Inlove by Bianca on 09/21/2016

I ordered the black small waist trainer on Monday night and i recieve it this morning (Wednesday). I put it on straight away on the last hooks. Looking forward to seeing results

Julie by Received the next day and it works really well. on 09/02/2016

I have worse back pain ever since I had my little girl 6 months ago. A friend of my told me her experience with MagicFit, which is quite promising, so I placed my order on Monday and received it on Tuesday in Melbourne. I have to say it does help a lot with my back pain and I would recommend MagicFit to anyone.

Worth it! by JJ on 09/01/2016

Bought this on sale, best investment ever ! Quality is amazing :)

This is all you need! by Sue Hyoun on 08/30/2016

If you are looking for a latex bodysuit, this is it. Great quality and it has got everything needed for waist training. Highly recommended! Btw, the delivery was super quick, I received my order with 18 hours.

A serious waist trainer by Marian on 08/25/2016

Part of my fourth order from Magic Fit. This corset is superb quality. Strong yet still comfortable. Very, very well made. I've bought more expensive trainers from other stores only to be disappointed. I'll be coming back here for more when I need them. Unbeatable quality, price and service.

Beautiful and it works by Aurora Ward on 08/24/2016

I love the material and it fits really well, most importantly it works. I will come back for more for sure.

my tummy is flat again!! by Belinda on 08/18/2016

Huge thanks to MagicFit for such a great product. It fits well and super tight. My tummy is flat again. For sure I will come back for more. Btw, Diane was very helpful with the sizes, friendly and professional. Thanks :)

second to none by Adrien Pecas on 08/16/2016

A friend of mine bought one from MagicFit the other day and she was really happy with her trainer. We go to the gym together all the time and I kind of have to get one for myself. I placed my order on Monday and received it yesterday. Really nice quality and it is by far the best waist trainer I've ever seen. Highly recommended.

Love love love by Kirsty on 08/04/2016

Brought his one in black, ready to buy my next size. Fast delivery. Great help on live chat. Works like it says. Highly recommend!

Love these by Kate on 08/01/2016

Once you get them on (they are tight but meant to be) they are great. They are light material so would work well under a dress or jeans/pants if you want.

Super Comfy by Kate on 08/01/2016

Once i got this i put it on straight away it's very comfortable. I've been wearing it while going for walks and have just started to try to wear it while doing more cardio exercises.

Excellent...recommend highly by Bel on 07/28/2016

Not only was the process easy...the delivery was quick and am very happy with the product. Thank you so much

It worked :) by Marigold on 07/26/2016

Okay I have been wearing the waist trainer for a month now and here is how I went, this is an honest review by someone who was somewhat sceptical but happy to give it a go anyway: Lost 5cm off my waist and today I am ordering my next waist trainer the next size down. Wearing the waist trainer has improved my posture and in doing so my stomach muscles are strengthening in the correct postural alingment. Also I feel it has made my butt look better and gives the bust a lift as well. :) I have been wearing it for about 8 hours a day, it is pretty comfortable to wear, helps to ease my back pain, and if I ever start to get uncomfortable I just take it off and give myself a break. I also excersize in it a couple of times a week. Easiest way I have found to trim down the midsection, which I ussually am unable to trim down. Thank youMagic Fit great product!!!! Happy customer here.

Fits like a magic!! by Georgie on 07/14/2016

I have to say it is the best waist trainer I ever purchased. I know it is not cheap but worth it. Delivery was really really fast and it landed at my doorsteps within 18 hours. Cheers guys. I would recommend this trainer to anyone.

Best corset ever purchased by Asha on 07/13/2016

I've tried a friend's corset she bought from MagicFit last week. I like it very much. Especially the quality and the make of this corset. It is by far the best corset I ever purchased online or in the store. Btw the delivery was super fast and I ordered on Monday and received on Tuesday in Melbourne CBD. Perfect!

Comfy by comfy on 07/07/2016

they are very comfy.

Love it first day. Great quality. Will do another review after a month! by Marigold on 07/06/2016

This latex waist trainer is a little more expensive than some others, but it has really thick good quality sturdy latex material that really sucks in all the bits you want it to. I ordered a size smaller than what I measured up to, and I am glad. A little snug but I think it will work better that way. I am tall and this fits great, not too short all all. 10/10 for the first day I will add another review after 1 month with my results. I will wear this whenever I go out now as it immediately gives me a nice flat waist and gives that hourglass look as well. :0)

Surprisingly comfortable by Sasha_Rose on 07/01/2016

I received this today (not overnight, took 3 days to deliver) and I was very concerned at first. I think I may be a little on the short side for this product as it sits directly under my breasts and finishes well below my hip bones. I had some difficulty getting it on mainly due to my G cup breasts and I couldn't actually see what I was doing. Once I got it on though it is surprisingly comfortable which I wasn't expecting. I do have it on the widest setting but have had it on for a fairly pleasant 4 hours. Whilst my waist is obviously no different at this early stage my clothes look better already just by wearing this product.

Tight, comfy and it works by Tiffany on 06/29/2016

It was recommended by one of my friends. She bought one and I can tell the difference when she put it on. Great quality and it is works. Thanks :)

Absolutely the best of latex range. by Kelsey on 06/29/2016

I have tried pretty much all kinds of latex waist trainers available. To my opinion, this is the best one for a professional investment banker like myself who doesn't have time to go to gym regularly. The little holes on the latex fabric does help to release heat and it is comfortable to wear during working hours, especially when I have many long meetings to attend to all the time. Thanks to MagicFit for the brilliant product!! Highly Recommended!

Fat burning and super breathable by Georgia S. on 06/23/2016

I tried almost everything on this site. Raw latex works very well but it is just a little to hit and heavy for me specially when I do my excercises. This corset has lots of small holes . It is very breathable and it is also fat burning! I've ordered a nude one so I can wear it more often inside of my clothes.

Great quaility by Thi on 06/19/2016

The quality and strength of the product is definitely good. Fits well on a short person like me and better than the latex trainers in regards to waist tightening with strings. Adjustable to comfort and still breathable.

Love the fabric by Thi on 06/19/2016

Beautiful fabric. Thin but strong. I wish they made everyday clothes with this material. I've never stretched anything so much without the seams breaking. Feels great to be in and comfortably tight

Unbelievable .... Anand by Eunice on 06/14/2016

I tried a lot of difference brands in the past but the magicfit 3-in-1 Award Winning Ultra Tummy Flattening Super Waist Slimmer Bust Lifting Seamless One Piece Bodysuit is amazing. I had both color, I had worn 24 hours a day, it was extremely comfortable and beautiful. My tummy was gone

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