List of what you need to have:

  1. GP Doctor of your own. (Advice whether you are ok to start waist training)
  2. Professional Waist Training Specialist (MagicFit is a Professional Waist Training Specialist) – This is to ensure you adapting a right Waist Training Plan to achieve result fast.
  3. Select correct product which suit yourself to build your Waist Training Wardrobe. You need to have  at least 3 pieces of waist trainers:
  1. Lots of Fresh Apples. (You can have Apple at anytime of your day)
  2. English Breakfast Tea (You can have English Breakfast Tea at anytime of your day with Low-fat Milk)
  3. Lots of Broccolis. (You can cook your Broccolis in Olive Oil with some salt.)
  4. Lots of Soy Milk (with Sugar is ok). You can have Max of two Glasses of Soy Milk per day.
  5. Some Lean Beef. (You can have Max of 280gm of Steak per day)