Pregnancy Recovery

magicfit pregnancy recovery before after

Key to Success:

1. Determination (You can do What you believe you can) Beauty comes with pain. Recovery training is somewhat need courage and not perfectly comfortable.
2. Follow the Professional Guide Find your personal trainer at MagicFit with Pregnancy Recovery professional guidance all the way through your recovery journey.
3. Budget See it as investment rather than expense. You perfect body in the mirror is priceless! Don’t ever get budget in your way to great result. You worth it!

There are three things you need to do for pregnancy recovery

Step 1: Fat Burning

To burn extra fat gained during pregnancy from outer body. Following products will help you to burn fat from your outer body: It is recommended to wear them for 4 to 6 hours a day.

Step 2: Inner Body Shaping

To shape internal organs go back to where they were for inner body. With MagicFit your training is safe and easy.
(There are no diet or Gym exercises would help them to go back to where they were other than this training).
Products below will help you to create hourglass body shape. It is recommended to wear them for 4 to 6 hours a day.

Step 3: Maintain your Result

To maintain the result you have achieved. Following compression garment will help you to maintain the result you have achieved and it is safe to wear them during sleep. You can wear them as much as possible.

Customer Testimonials


Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. Based on 697 Reviews

Great customer service, amazing result. by Amy Kho on 11/06/2018

I just ordered my 2nd waist trainer here today. My waist got 3 inches smaller with the first one. I am very happy with the result and the service provided by the staff member. Outstanding!!

Super comfortable legging and super fast delivery by Cassie on 11/06/2018

Love it!

I Love It !! by Nichola W on 10/18/2018

I have huge hips and a flat belly, the first few days are a bit of a struggle becuase I wasn’t used having one. But I love it 1 week later and I wear it everywhere! Definitely recommend this to anyone. The shipping was so fast had it in 2 days

Can't live without it by Rebecca on 10/12/2018

It does the job, love it!

It really works! by Carla Hebert on 10/02/2018

I heard a lot about MagicFit previously from number of friends. I am not a big fan of online shopping, so they bought me this bodysuit for my bday gift. I have to admit it is amazing and it really works. My tummy does look much smaller when I put it on. Very happy with the result and I would definitely recommend this bodysuit to anyone.

Highly recommended by Fiona Young on 09/27/2018

This is my 3rd week of waist training, my waist is now 2 inches smaller. I am very happy with the result. This waist trainer is the best investment I ever made this year so far. Highly recommended!

Works like magic! by Annette on 09/25/2018

It's like my tummy disappears once I wear it lol. So happy with how my body looks in dresses now!

Worthy Purchase! by Brooke on 09/25/2018

A great product! You've got a regular customer now!

Does The Job Great!! by Chloe on 09/25/2018

I have a bit of a big belly after I gave birth to my son. But this panty tucks my tummy in perfectly and I wear it whenever I go out. Definitely ordering a second one!

Extremely happy with this bodysuit by Toni Perry on 09/20/2018

Anyway I just wanted you all to know how extremely happy I am, I received my order a day earlier than estimated, it was in perfect condition and exactly how it is shown on the website. I got the 3xl as I was borderline of the 2+3xl and I got scared after reading reviews from size 14s saying they couldn’t get it on (I’m a size 18/20 in the top & size 16 in the bottom) and the reality is I really could of done with the 2XL for more suck & tuck power. I’m so happy and I will definitely be back!! Thank you so much x

Extremely happy with purchase!!! by Nicola on 09/18/2018

Just received my waist trainer this morning, shipping is too fast which is best part. It fits well for me and i can clearly see the difference. Material is very good it is really comfortable for daily wear. Thank you

Beautiful bodysuit and works very well. by Tracey on 09/17/2018

It's a bit hard to get it pass my thigh and hips. Once I got it on properly, I noticed my tummy did look smaller. I am usually a size 14, according to the size chart, I got size XL. The actual garment looks much smaller than I thought. I am very happy with the result. Btw, the delivery was super quick, thanks again :)

very happy with the result! by chantelle on 09/17/2018

This is my 2nd purchase on the website. With help from live support, I got my size right. I am very happy with the result. My waist is 2 inches smaller as soon as I put it on. I would recommend this training corset to anyone.

beautiful leggings, great fit. by Belinda on 09/17/2018

A friend of mine told me about MagicFit. She is big fan. So I thought to give a go. I ordered this legging on Thursday and received it the next morning. Delivery was super fast. The legging is very well made and great fit. I would recommend this legging to anyone. Cheers

My waist got 1 size smaller in 3 weeks by Christie on 09/05/2018

I'm very happy with the result. I just ordered my 2nd waist trainer today. The delivery was super fast too and customer service is amazing. Highly recommended.

Havent recieved it :( by Amalia on 08/29/2018

I bought this corset two days ago and still havent recieved it in WA, despite promises of fast shipping. Not happy.

The sexiest shapewear I ever purchased! by Monique on 08/27/2018

I am a regular MagicFit customer, I got the 3-in-1 bodysuit early this year, it work great and I just received this one this morning. I have to say it is by far the most beautiful bodysuit I ever purchased. Great quality and so much details. The most importantly, It does the job. Highly recommended! xoxo

Great customer service, it works very well. by Mary on 08/27/2018

I had to return my purchase for bigger size, as I didn't check my measurements. With help from live support, I got the size right the 2nd time. The turn around time was very quick and customer service was very helpful as well. I would come back for more for sure.

Nice leggings and great fit by Ms.Bishop on 08/27/2018

Beautiful leggings and fits very well. Plus delivery was super fast and free. Well done guys!

Love Them! by Bella on 08/27/2018

These tights are superb. I'm curvy and they fit perfectly. They go up to my navel and they stay in place when I sit. They feel comfortable but not too tight. Coming back for more

Great waist trainer and it works by Emily K on 08/22/2018

I just ordered size M this morning. The size L did help me lose 3 inches in about 28 days. I have to say this is my smartest investment ever made in 2018. Thanks to MagicFit and the delivery was super fast and free. I would recommend MagicFit to anyone.

Love them! by joanna on 08/17/2018

Obsessed with this bodysuit. Wore it 3 days straight. Ordering another today!

Best I've ever found!!! by Jesika on 08/01/2018

This product is very smooth and light. It holds everything really well and comfortable. The delivery was super quick. Definitely would buy again.

comfy and effective by Dani on 07/29/2018

I have tried many waist trainers from different places. This is by far, the best one I ever purchased. It is super comfortable and very effective. My waist got one size smaller in 3 weeks. Highly recommended!

Very effective and comfortable to wear! by Sarah Perkins on 07/25/2018

I was prepared to have a tough time with my waist trainer. In fact, it is much more comfortable than I expected. This is my 3rd week with MagicFit and my waist is now 1 and half inches smaller and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended!

The best everyday bodysuit. by Natalie on 07/21/2018

I am a mother of two and I used to wear a compression garment all the time after my 2nd delivery. I have bought some bodysuits from all different places and this is the best in terms of fitting and effectiveness, etc. Especially the design and it is so much better than the spanx one I got from DJ. The delivery is amazing, I got mine within 24 hours. I would recommend this bodysuit to anyone. cheers!

No more Strap Marks!!! by Lyssa on 07/16/2018

I am size 34A and i never wore this kind of bra before but am surprised it really fits nicely and comfortably. Finally i can wear my strapless dresses in summer. Thank you magic fit.

works like a charm!! by Nikki on 07/15/2018

Love it, it looks great under dress! xoxo

3-in-1 More like FULL BODY MAKEOVER by Kjean on 07/12/2018

This 3-in-1 bodysuit is like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow or winning the lotto! It has transformed my post pregnancy body and allowed me to wear high waist jeans, fancy dresses and even just rock my gym clothes with confidence, plus hubby now thinks I am always wearing lingerie so that's a plus. It has also helped with tightening my stomach which has lead to the decrease in appearance of my extensive stretchmarks. While I am wearing it I am more conscious of my stomach muscles so it encourages me to hold myself differently. Since having my black one I have lost 3 kg in 4 weeks I have just ordered another because one isn't enough. My only regret is not having the suit in the early months after having bubs! Would strongly recommend to EVERYONE

Happy Purchase by Dolores on 07/09/2018

Love it! I recently lost a lot of weight (64kgs). So, my butt deflated as a result and my stomach has a lot of loose skin. This pulls every thing in. I look great in body hugging jeans and tight dresses. Would highly recommend.

Very pleased! by Angelina on 07/09/2018

I absolutely love this product. It is true to size and does exactly what it says. It gave my butt the perfect lift. I would purchase this product again and highly recommend it to anyone looking to lift their butt and tone their tummy.

waist trainer by leah on 07/07/2018

OMG the shipping was so quick ordered it on wednesday and it got to mine on friday!! absolutely love the product it sucks in everything and shapes my waist to a sexy hourglass shape. it is super comfortable and easy to wear. my skin can breathe in it and i don’t sweat around my waist as if i was wearing anything it’s like i have nothing on. it definitely changes my posture aswell. i love it!!!!!!

super slim!! by Amy on 07/03/2018

Hey guys, I just got mine delivered this morning. It is super slim. It took me sometime to put it on. It does work very well. Highly recommended!

Recommended! by Madhu on 07/02/2018

Got my corset the very next day of ordering and I have to say it does the job pretty well! My waist looks inches smaller now . Cheers!


Was looking for a nursing bra and came to know about this product from magic fit website. From the moment i got it, its so soft, comfi and not overly complicated. I really like it because there is no underwire. Recommended!!!

beautiful waist trainer, works like a magic! by Courtney on 06/29/2018

Amazing quality and delivery was really fast. Thanks again to the live support staff who helped me with sizes. It fits perfectly and I will be back soon. xoxo

IT REALLY WORKS!!!! by Shanon on 06/27/2018

One of my friend do shopping from this magic fit website and she have this bodysuit in nude color and she told me that this really works and i order blue color and trust me it has a really attractive color and design. Good material and it gave good shape to body. I was bit unhappy with the price because it is bit expensive but now i can say this is the best bodysuit i have tried ever so am very happy with my purchase.

Beautiful corset and super fast delivery by Pamila jones on 06/27/2018

YES!! A big yes to this heavy duty corset. This fits perfectly around my waist. It does not hurt at all and it works as expected. I was not sure about my size so i call the customer service and they were very helpful and with their help i got right size. Plus I'm totally impressed with the overnight delivery. Highly Recommended!!!!

Nice product, but delivery wasn't overnight as promised. by Angela on 06/27/2018

I ordered this bodysuit for my best friend's wedding on Sat. I ordered on Wednesday morning and it didn't turn up until Friday morning. I was a bit worried as its stated overnight delivery which didn't happen in my case. Other than that, this bodysuit fits very well and it does job.

It works like a magic! by Kate Smith on 06/25/2018

I previously shopped with different website in Australia and I saw my friend's one, she got hers from MagicFit. The quality is much better and price is good too. So I ordered mine about 2 and half weeks ago, now my waist is about 3 inches smaller. It works like a magic! xoxo

It is as described by jammie on 06/22/2018

I usually don't bother to write reviews but about this bodysuit i have to say it is really good. Its exactly looks like the picture and material is really comfortable and good. It was little but hard to put it on first but after some time it will be fine. I got second day delivery and am very excited about it.

Wife is so happy by Kathy Groom on 06/22/2018

I bought this waist trainer for my wife and she is really happy with this trainer. Raw latex material is really very nice and cotton linen makes it very comfortable and smooth for daily wear. She is not very fat but after baby she had some extra fat on her tummy, she is doing exercises but it will take some time to loose belly fat so this is the best option for her for special occasion,delivery was overnight which is bonus.

Five stars by Jonie on 06/22/2018

I have tried so many shape wears but this one is really awesome. It holds my tummy well without any discomfort and i don't feel like stuffed sausage anymore. It give slim looks to my thighs and it is really smooth and comfortable. Recommended!!!

Absolutely Gorgeous!! by MelissaL on 06/21/2018

Beautiful bodysuit, lovely design with so much details and most importantly it fits well. I am usually size 12 and I got the size XL. It does tuck in my belly surprisingly well. This is by far the most sexy shapewear bodysuit I ever purchased. Highly recommended!! xoxo

Great fit and comfy by Karin Baker on 06/20/2018

I think my legs do look slimmer when I wear these leggings. Great quality and very comfortable to wear.

Fits perfect and warm by Fetcy on 06/20/2018

OMG,These leggings are just incredible. I wear size 10 in jeans so i order XL size and i can't believe they fits very well and length was on point, well made. Very high quality material which makes them very thick and warm. They make my legs shape looks better and doesn't show of my underwear and tummy control is the best part. Delivery was super fast. Recommended.

Surprisingly Comfortable by Anne on 06/20/2018

I got this waist trainer 3 days ago and am very happy with my purchase. I have had corsets in the past but this one is really good and comfortable. I was looking for something sturdy and fashionable and good quality and this is the one. Very nice and heavy fabric which makes it more comfortable. This is the real deal and i would recommended it for anyone who wants hourglass shape.

DIDN'T RECEIVE MY 2ND PAIR by TraceyL on 06/19/2018


Not bad but not the best by MeenaBee on 06/18/2018

These are okay although I don't love them. They are nice and tight which is good but they're not exactly high waisted and they slide down at the back when you sit down. I still continue to wear them under skirts and pants but they're not my favourite.

looks really slim, amazing!!! by Vicki on 06/18/2018

My sis got me a pair last week. It does take me sometime to put it on for the first time. Amazing!!! my legs are much slimmer now. Highly Recommended!!

Exactly as described !! by Rachel on 06/12/2018

I love them it does what it says. Looks nice while wearing a dress, skirt or pants.I am very slim but i have a big booty and it lifts my booty well and it looks great on me. Its not for those who don't have booty at all, it is for those who have booty but they just want to lift it properly.

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE by Hammy Kaif on 06/05/2018

I order this bodysuit on Wednesday and got delivery within 24 hrs but i order wrong size and i call the magic fit for assistance and the staff was very helpful and they guide me with my size so i return it and got bigger size next day that was truly amazing. Am very happy and this bodysuit help me to get a good look always.This is the best all in one bodysuit.

I love this cami and it made my life so much easier. by Katie on 06/04/2018

I had my baby girl 2 months ago and I was looking for the nursing bra the other day, then I found this one on MagicFit. What a brilliant idea!! It does make my life so much easier with breastfeeding. I would recommend this cami to anyone like me.

I lost 16kg in 2 months! by Jasper on 06/04/2018

I have just bought my 2nd one today. I lost 16kg in 2 months and I couldn't have done it without the help from this waist trainer. This is truly the best latex waist trainer I have ever purchased. Thanks

BEST GIFT EVER !!! by Marina on 06/04/2018

I got this shape wear as a wedding gift from my mum, I don't wear shapewear but this one is really good. Fabric is very nice its not like other cheap quality shapewear. I wear this with my wedding dress and it changed my look beautifully and delivery was overnight. So its one of the best gift i have got ever.

Good quality and quick delivery by Parul Quinn on 05/25/2018

I am surprised about the quality of the leggings, they are super awesome, they fit well, very comfortable and give good shape to the legs. One of my friends suggest this website to me and I love MagicFit products, so I placed my order and I got delivery on next day and the product was exactly looking like the picture at website so am very happy with my leggings.

Love this waist trainer by Lisa on 05/25/2018

I just wore my waist trainer it fits perfectly. I have tried other waist trainers before but they were not so good, but am falling in love with this one. The fabric is much better and the shipping was overnight.

very comfortable, fits great! by sandra on 05/18/2018

My baby girl is about 2 weeks old now and breastfeeding is always a challenge for me, especially in winter. A friend of mine gave me this site and I ordered this nursing bra just to try. It is so comfortable and very easy to manage. Highly recommended! Very happy!! Cheers!!

Love the result! by Lily on 05/07/2018

I got one as birthday gift. It is a bit difficult to put it on for the first time. Then I followed the instructions on the tag and finally got it on. I love the result. It truly does what it says. My tummy looks much smaller and much more smoother under dresses. I have just ordered another one today. btw. I am normally size 14 with a big tummy, I got the size 3XL. I would recommend this bodysuit to anyone.

My waist got 2 inches smaller in 2 weeks. by Rosa on 05/07/2018

I am extremely happy with the result. I can't thank enough to the staff member who helped with sizes. The delivery was super fast I got my order the next day. I will come back for more very soon. Thanks to MagicFit.

TRUE CORSET by SusanT on 04/25/2018


NOT HAPPY by Bec on 04/22/2018

I got a call from the customer service saying the size I ordered is out of stock. Then I had to wait for almost a week to receive my order, not happy.

Comfortable to wear and I hope it works by Bruni on 04/22/2018

Just received my waist trainer on Friday and been wearing it this weekend. I have to admit that it is very comfortable to wear and I felt my waist gone smaller. I would recommend this waist trainer to anyone.

Absolutely the Best Waist Trainer by Fiona Young on 04/13/2018

I love the support on my back and very well build, solid structure, rock n roll!! Highly Recommended!!

Secret Weapon :) by Fiona Young on 04/13/2018

Love it, really comfortable to wear and very effective.

Amazing product, Great Service! by Cindy Chien on 04/09/2018

My friend bought me as a gift, however the size wasn't right. So I had to post it back quick for exchange. It was very smooth and I got my new size in 2 days. It fits perfectly and I love it so very much. The best shopping experience ever!! I will be back soon :)

WASN'T EXPRESS DELIVERY by Sam on 04/04/2018


Classic, great quality! by Sandy on 03/30/2018

Classic under cincher. great quality! Love it!

light to wear and very comfortable. by Amanda S. on 03/14/2018

I am a big girl and I was looking for a foundation dress for a long time, this is the most comfortable one I ever purchase. Really nice fit and delivery was super fast and free. I would recommend this one to anybody.

It really works!!! by Melissa on 03/05/2018

I have tried so many recovery shorts before, none of them works like this one. It does flatten your tummy instantly. Great result!!! I would recommend this short to anyone. thanks

Love it! by Janelle on 02/14/2018

Thanks again for a prompt size exchange. The free express delivery was super fast and I got mine within 24 hours. This waist slimmer fits great and I love the result. Thx

Great customer service! by Molly on 02/05/2018

I had a size problem with my order and the live support team helped me swap sizes. It was really fast and thanks again for the free express delivery service. Overall, I love it and I would recommend MagicFit to anyone.

Happy with the result! by Claudia M on 02/02/2018

I was looking for a light fitting waist slimmer to trim my waist, so I can wear it under my dress without noticing by others. This one does the job and it is very comfortable to wear. The delivery was super fast, I would recommend MagicFit to anyone.

great product! by Trisha on 01/05/2018

This is by far the best latex waist trainer I ever purchased. superb quality and it works.

Love it by Claire on 12/25/2017

This is my first waist trainer and I am in love. Very easy to wear and you eventually forget that you have it on. My body looks amazing in it when I wear in under clothes. Looking forward to seeing the results. Will definitely keep purchasing

Product as described - good by Zoe D on 12/21/2017

I bought this before the 3.00pm deadline or next day delivery but had to wait an extra day for some reason. Once arrived it fitted well and I can see the difference it makes

superb quality, great customer service by Vicky on 12/17/2017

I had to exchange my waist trainer for one size larger. The customer service staff is really helpful and the exchange is super easy. This is my 2nd week of the training, my waist is already 1 inches smaller!!! Couldnt be happier. cheers!!



Best panty by Sabrina Seymour on 12/02/2017

I really love this panty. It is very thin,smooth but still tight. I’ve ordered one to try and find it really good. Am coming back to order more, so I can wear it everyday. If you are looking for something smooth thin but tight, this is worth trying.

Great for jeans by Georgia T Lee on 12/02/2017

I bought the other longer version of the butt lifter but this one is much better for wearing jeans because this is a low cut version. Worth trying. Fast delivery , good quality.

Fantastic for pregnancy recovery by Vicky Jensen on 12/01/2017

I’ve been wearing this panty since I had my baby (c-section) it feels so comfortable. I am 34, first child. I started to wear it on day 3 after c section. Absolutely love it.

Great in Design by DL on 11/29/2017

I ordered nude one. The colour looks a bit different from the picture. The fabric is breathable and feel quite comfortable.

nice trainer, so comfortable to wear. by Bernard Vukovic on 11/23/2017

Very happy with my purchase, great for GYM workout.

Fantastic by Scarlet on 11/18/2017

I bought 2 pair. Only have been wearing them once so far. But they are comfortable and they make me sit up straight which is an added bonus as I slouch. Will be buying more for summer.

Excellent product, excellent service by Bec on 11/16/2017

Wow! Awesome beautiful product and delivery time exceptional. Ordered one day and it arrived the very next day. Very very happy with this product- it feels gorgeous on and looks amazing under my dress or under jeans and hides all lumps. I’m a size 10-12 and I needed the Xlarge, but I also got the XXLarge and it fits beautifully too for more casual days. Thank you!

A bit of a let down by Jasmine on 11/15/2017

The delivery on the product was amazing and the first while I wore it, I really felt like it was working. After wearing it a bit though, I felt as though the material has stretched so it's not as tight now which is annoying even though I followed the size chart. Also the steel bones keep pushing out through the holes in the material and jabbing me, it doesn't help when I struggle to push it back in though. Also for tall people, I am not that tall just average but the waist trainer isn't very long so it doesn't cover the whole area that I wish it had or that it shows in the photos. Another thing is that the top and the bottom of the waist trainer always bend in and dig in which after a while hurts and if you're in no place to fix it then you're stuck, it is probably from the steel rods which are not long enough to run the length of the whole waist trainer. It's pretty good for a basic waist trainer although I wish I has spent some more money to order a better one. Would probably buy from here again but not this product.

I Just Love It by KeilaM on 11/14/2017

I bought my KK waist trainer through this site and I've been wearing it daily for two weeks now. I've noticed a dramatic difference in my posture and my waist. I've had two children and lost over 36 kgs and have excess skin overhang as well as unsightly bulge which won't budge no matter what I do. I read this sites Waist Training Guide and purchased a waist trainer from each section and did exactly what was suggested. I absolutely love the difference. I bought the 6XL in black and I'm already on the tightest clasps, I'm going to now need to go down a size. Ladies its worth it!

AMAZING by KeilaM on 11/14/2017

This will have to be the best all-over slimmer I've ever bought. I've had to wear undergarments like this daily for years, and this is the most comfortable and breathable of the lot, especially in summer. And so effective. It makes me look three times smaller and gives me that beautiful hourglass shape I'm after.

comfortable to wear and works by Nicola on 11/07/2017

It was recommended by my personal trainer from the gym, I got it overnight, the delivery was really fast. It is very easy and comfortable to wear. This is my 2nd week, I will update you guys with my progress later on.

Stuck by Katie on 11/01/2017

Okay, I’m about to give you the most REAL review of this product. I’m currently laying on my bed, defeated.... quite literally STUCK. Let’s start with getting it on, I tried to roll it up over my thighs like it suggests... let’s just say that unless you want to have a leg amputated due to blood loss this isn’t a good idea. I also tried to get it on over my head... I got as far as my cleavage area and almost popped an implant. So back to the thighs it was. After 20 minutes of cracking a sweat and blood red thighs SUCCESS! I got it on. It does flatten your tummy. In fact I liked how flat my mummy bulge looked in it. BUT, then I tried to get it off. Another 20 minutes of cracking a sweat and blood red thighs, blood red boobs and quite a few “F” words later and I lay here defeated. I have considered staying it in forever because let’s face it, it makes me look great. However I am concerned about the smell that might start to present itself after a day or two. Wish me luck!

The best waist trainer, amazing result!! by Sarah Cameron on 10/16/2017

This is the best waist trainer I ever have. Top quality, fit well and the result is amazing. Most certainly I will get more from MagicFit. THX

Great quality latex waist trainer, amazing result! by Scarlett on 10/13/2017

I had mine for almost two weeks now. I love it. The result is amazing,my waist got 1 inches smaller. I guess I can't live without it lol xoxo :)

Happy by Dani on 10/04/2017

I just wore my waist trainer for the first time today. I had it on for 9 hours and I was surprised at how quickly I got used to wearing it. I've tried other waist trainers in the past that were really poor quality and I had to take them off straight away because of how uncomfortable they were, so I was a bit worried, but this waist trainer is awesome! I'm also really happy with the speedy delivery and customer service :) Thanks!

Best trainer wtf! by Janice on 09/19/2017

Legit like, it's the best trainer ever. It's so smooth and comfy! I had a trainer from What's a waist and it was so crap compared to this. It was short and my fat would pop out ugh. This covers from under my boob to my hips! The shape is better than most waist trainers. It's more hour glass and tight in all the right places. My posture has improved heaps as well. I bought this product on sale and I got free express shipping and it came over night! When I first looked at it it looked huge and I was like 'shit imma have to return it' BUT when I put it on, I could only fit it on the end clips. So it deff fits

Beautiful bodysuit, smooth! by Jasper on 09/09/2017

Placed order on Thursday and received it on Friday morning. Try it on straightway, very nice fabric, so smooth, love it!

Perfect by K on 09/08/2017

I love this it's the best it's so comfortable I wish they would make another one like this but with the shorter legs for summer and in black

great slimmer!! by Natalie Palmer on 09/05/2017

Delivery was really fast and it is very good wear underneath clothes. Love it. Thx

it simply works! by Jo on 09/04/2017

it was recommended by a friend on facebook. I have read some comments on facebook and I was a little worried about that I might get the size wrong. I am usually a size 14-16. I followed size chart of this bodysuit and I got the size 3XL. It was a bit challenging to put it on for the very first time and once its on, omg, my muffin top is gone, couldn't be happier. Love it!!! Thanks MagicFit, I would recommend this bodysuit to anyone.

A bit short for girls over 6 ft by Sharon on 08/24/2017

I am a big girl and just a little over 6 ft in height. I was hoping this one is going to be ok. Well, unfortunately it is still a bit short than what I wanted. Anyway, the delivery was really fast and quality is good too.

not my size by Nickolas Nalder on 08/21/2017

guys, make sure you check the size chart. i forgot to check the size chart and it is too small for my arms. :(

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