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size chart for waist trainers

All waist trainers have their own size charts or size guide information on how to get the right size for your waist trainers. All these information has been provided on the detailed product page, you can click on the product picture to access. If you have trouble to find or read the size guide for a particular waist trainer, please contact live support or give us a call. It is IMPORTANT to read and understand these information correctly before choose the size for your waist trainer.

Here is the article about "How to Measure". This article will help you understand how to measure your waist correctly and how to choose the correct size for your waist trainer.

general size chart for latex waist trainers

latex waist trainer size chart by MagicFit

general size chart for shapewear and bodysuits

Following size chart is a general size guide for shapewear and body foundation garments. All our shapewear or foundation garments come with their own size chart. You should always use the size chart / guide provided on the product detail page as reference.

MagicFit Size Chart

how to wear magicfit shapewear?

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