5 Days Slim Waist Challenge Detox Recipe - Green Bean and Barley Detox


Repeat Everyday:

Automatic Fat-burning Gear: Use Fat Burning Raw Latex Waist Trainer (Click here to view product) Use this for 6 hours.


Hourglass Shaping (inner body training) Gear: Use Group B Trainers/Cinchers, please do check the length of the trainer to select the right length for yourself. (Click here to view products) Use it for 6 hours.


Sleep Waist Training Gear: Use any of these products while sleep to keep your result for the day.(Click here to view products)


Exercises Option: Speed Walk: 60 - 90 minutes.

Diet Option(Whole Day): Apple - no Maximum; Banana: 1; Bread/Toast: 6 pieces Max; Red Meat: 250gm; Egg: 1; Milk: 1 Glass; Sireo: a Bowl, Tea: no Max cup but (1 tablespoon of sugar max in total).


Green Bean and Barley Detox:

Step 1: Put 100gm of Green Bean and 30gm of Barley into cold water, wash them and leave them into the water overnight. (for at least 8 hours)


Step 2: Add 2.5L of water into the cooker (Slow cooker or Rice Cooker)


Step 3: Wait until it is cool down and separate the water into a glass jar and put the jar into the fridge.


Drink the Green Bean and Barley Detox water instead of water everyday. (You can drink 1 to 2L of the Detox water everyday)


You can eat the Green Bean and Barley by adding a bit of honey in it. You can through them away if you don't fee llike eating them.