An average mother of 2’s success story of pregnancy recovery

My name is Jocelyn George, I am 39 years old. I have been a full time mum for over 6 years. I have a 6 year old son Eric and a 3 year old daughter Emily. I was an average large size 10-12 before my first pregnancy. I put on 20kg during my first pregnancy! lost 10kg in between 2 pregnancies, and put on another 9kg during the second pregnancy. I had muscle separation operation on my tummy because of the complication I suffered after pregnancy. I weren't doing any pregnancy recovery exercises after both pregnancy. I gained so much weight, with a oversized waist size, I was size 16-18 after my second pregnancy.

I start to take a part time job since last year as a receptionist in a local real estate office. I love this job. I heard about Magicfit from one of the colleagues in the office who is a real estate agent. I called Magicfit to consult on what should I do to start it. I started my Magicfit Journey last year in November. Never be happier, I have lost 15kg by now and my waist is only 3.5 inches away from a perfect hourglass shape goal. I have regular phone meetings with my personal waist training specialist with Magicfit. I can’t believe the service are all free. I told my specialist that I am going to write a good review about MagicFit. Here it is. I am very happy. Thank you Magicfit.



An Average mother of 2’s success story of pregnancy recovery