Relationship meets people’s needs of “togetherness” or “sense of belonging”. When you are young, you belong to your family. You have your parents and your brothers and sisters, you belong to a physical address – your home, and you have people you need to deal with daily (mum, dad, younger sister…etc..) You are not feeling alone.

When you grow up, you move out and start your own life, you start to spend time with your friends at your spare time. Your sense of belonging is dropped when you mum and dad down-sized or all your brothers and sister are starting to get married and have kids. Your needs of want to belong to somewhere both physically and mentally are only getting stronger when you start to get more independent from your family. It takes 3 seconds to love someone and then start a relationship follows your feeling of love someone. But it takes a lot bigger things to happen to break a relationship.


1. Cheating. There are two types of cheating here in life.


 Firstly, Cheating without a reason, which means it is purely physical, careless , playful or exchange for favors (business, presents, attention, promotion..etc..)


Secondly, Cheating with a reason. This means cheating is planned. It can be deeply in your mind that you have to leave the current life. Something like you may fight all the time. You don’t feel happy and you want to encourage yourself to leave the current life, but your insecurity don’t want you to be alone after being married or have a stayable partner for a long time. This could also mean revenge, you think or guess your partner is cheated and you want to “teach him a lesson” or simply wants to draw his attention so you feel loved again.


2. What he has found changed. What he loved about you when you first met? What emphasis this love over time? Let’s start this with he loves you because…."


He loves you because… you are sexy. You have slim waist, nice boobs, and beautiful face and nicely dressed when he fell in love with you. You emphasized this love when you look so amazing during a number of dates or parties, outings with him. Keep this with you, remember to wear your makeup when you go out and attention to details even when you are at home. Wear your waist trainer and corset. Update your wardrobe with new shapewear to make sure you look top-grade all the time.


He loves you because… you have a very successful in career. Keep that with you, don’t quit your job and become a house-wife. Update yourself, so you won’t be out of date.



He loves you because… you have great sex. Intimacy Changed after give Birth or gaining weight. Visually or physically you need to still stay at the top of the edge on have great sex life with him to emphasis what he was originally looking for.


Basically you can not miss-represent what you can offer continually and that initial attraction of “he loves you because….” Must last and even approved over-time for him to love you continually.


3. He changed, so his needs changed. He may want a house-wife when he was working in a bank and start work from 9 and finishes on 5:30 everyday. When his life routine changed.

For example he got promoted and he start to have a lot of pressure from work, his needs on food, drink and tidy home became less of a priority and he needs someone who can understands him better and communicate with him. This is very challenging and this kind of breakup can be extremely painful because his needs are changed but you can’t change to a completely new person over night. It won’t be that easy.


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