There are many bodyshaped and roughly you can classify bodyshapes into 4 different shapes:

  1. 1. Apple Shape

  2. 2. Pear Shape

  3. 3. Square Shape

  4. 4. Hourglass Shape (Most Prefered)

Some women born with hourglass shape. Their rib bones and internal intestines are different from women who were’t born with a hourglass shape.

Important event like giving birth can change your bodyshape too.

Weight loss and Waist Training can change and correct your bodyshape to appear in a hourglass shape.


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Follow the Waist Training Guide - A + B + C program. Train your outer body (Group A - Fat Burning) + Train inner body (Group B - Inner Body Training) + Maintain your result for the day (Group C - Shapewear)


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