1. 1. Service - Magic Professional Personal Touch

MagicFit is the only shapewear company in the world who provides live support (phone and online live chat) with waist training specialists team in Australia and support all visitors 7 days a week. You can ask any waist training related questions to make sure you are on the right track to reach your goal. Bodyshaping training needs professional advices to be an effective training. Waist Training specialist can set your own personal goal based on your current situation. You can have your own direct contact in the specialist team to provide you personalised professional waist training support.

All waist training specialists are qualified waist trainers or body trainers who has at least 2 years work experiences in Gym or other body training organizations.


  1. 2. Unique Product, Quality Fabric and State-to-art Design

MagicFit is one of the leading shapewear companies in the world. It has its own research and development team constantly looking for new material to build into shapewear or waist training garment to benefit its users. Its State-to-Art design leads the world's shapewear and waist training industry. There are a lot of world class brands following MagicFit’s fashion trend.

MagicFit has unique fabric compensation. Its fabrics are all waved and made in-house factory using a very hi-tech machine which is different from normal garment fabric machine.


  1. 3. Effectiveness

Result tells the most. MagicFit helped Hundreds of thousands of girls achieved their goals to own their dreamed perfect body permanently. Follow the instructions, use the right product which recommended to you by the specialist and train religiously. You will enjoy the perfect body in your mirror in a few weeks. The feeling of achievement is something money cannot buy.



  1. 4. You are Safe with MagicFit

MagicFit is the only shapewear / waist training company in the world promotes safe waist training. All MagicFit products and methods are safety tested. The tests are include:

  • (a) Fabric safety to make sure there are no harmful elements included inside of the garment which would harm people when it heated up.

  • (b) Shape Safety Test to make sure the shape of the cincher or waist trainer are even and is actually in a perfect body shape.

  • (c) For more Why MagicFit is the only Safe option for you. Click here to read more.

  1. 5. There are more than Waist Training.

MagicFit is not only about Waist Training. It’s specialty covers a number of areas like Pregnancy Recovery, Weight Loss and general Body Shaping and Body toning. It is really a life-changing decision for a lot of us.

  • (a) There is no exercise or weight-loss program will help your body go back to your shape before after given birth. With MagicFit’s professional Pregnancy Recovery plan, you will have your own training specialist to help you get your shape back faster. Potentially you can improve based on top of what you have before pregnant, you will look even more attractive after MagicFit Pregnancy Recovery Program. Talk to one of the Postpartum Recovery Specialist today and setup your own personal training profile.

  • (b) Weight Loss is a problem for a lot of girls. Weight loss is hard but weight gain seems so much easier. With MagicFit, you don’t need to change your diet, you don’t need to exercise or exercise more. You would still enjoy great weight loss result for just wearing MagicFit products. Talk to one of our specialist and enjoy your magic journey.

  • (c) MagicFit is a lifestyle, it can be used for general body shaping or body toning. You can wear its product to do Yoga or Gym or run or just move around like normal with a piece of mind that although you are enjoying this cheesecake, you are actually wearing MagicFit product, so there is absolutely nothing to worried about.