If you have met your Mr Prince Charming. You really love him and you want your date grow to be something very special. Ie. Marry him.


Here are 5 Big Reasons why a man disappears after a great date.



1. You don’t meet his life-partner Criteria. Either it is D-cup boobs, smaller nose, slimmer waist or 5ft 7 or financial position (sorry to be cruel). You just don’t meet some of his Criteria.


2. Something you shared is not what he is looking for. If you shared you want 3 children and want to live as a house-wife, but he wants only one child and a career-driven lady who can work more like a life companionship to him. He wouldn’t want to change you and respect that what you want which isn’t match with what he wants.


3. He has just met someone who is a better match to him. Date means you and him are still in an “open planet” which is not exclusive from other dates. Another reason a man disappeared after a great date is he has just found someone with greater date. Or he has just decided in-between all dates of where he lands, unfortunately you were not chosen.


4. He is a playboy. He was lying about he wants a serious relationship. He just wanted sex. As you became more serious. He has decided to back-off.


5. He gets distracted. Very big event in his life just happened, like people close to him passed away, been lay-off from work, or accident..etc.. Call him to find out. He still wants to hear from you but there are something big happened in his life, he doesn’t have the energy to maintain or carry-on a new relationship just now. Communicate with him and if he is really the one you want, stay with him during this difficult time.