1. Gifts Gift-giving is one language to say I love you and I do care for you. It is one way to express one’s love.


2. Quality Time Willing to spend time with someone is a important way to say one loves another.


3. Words of Affirmation Express your love with words. Like, I love you. Call sweet names of your partner…etc.. is one expression of Love.


4. Acts of Service Willing to help and in service of the other person is a way to say I love you.


5. Physical Touch Physical touch to the loved one is a important way to express love. Getting intimate with someone is a way to show love. Some people speak all Love languages and some speaks only some of them.


When a person speaks all 5 Love languages, she/he found it is easy to express love but if she/he fell in love with someone speaks less love languages, they would always ask “does she/he love me. Because…..” (i.e. he doesn’t buy me presents, or she doesn’t want to spend time with me) The compatibility raises when two people speaks exactly the same languages, so it is very important to understand your partner which love languages they speak. Love languages can change from time to time for a person too. Every result has a trigger of reason started it, so how you react has straight impact on how your love-partner react.