There are many attributes which have been classified as perfect body for a woman.

Face, Skin, Boobs, Waist, Butt. I’ll use 5 ways to prove to you that you can have a perfect body too!

  1. 1. Beautiful Face (with own style) - Anyone is beautiful as long as you have a style of your own. If you think you are beautiful. You are.

  2. 2. Soft Skin (can achieve with laser treatment on hair and freckles) - laser/wax access hair and freckles to have soft skin is important. Moisturise after shower/bath.

  3. 3. Big Boobs (Pushup bra) - Padded / pushup bra can solve this immediately.  

  4. 4. Slim Waist (Waist Training with MagicFit) - Your Waist needs to be 4 inches slimmer than under-bust area. (i.e. if under bust you are 33 inches, your waist needs to be 29inches to achieve a perfect hourglass shape)

  5. 5. Perky Butt (MagicFit Butt Lifter or MagicLift Product) - Try MagicFit Butt Lifter products, anyone can have a perky Butt.


So there is no woman born to be ugly. There are women born to be just too lazy to be beautiful.

You are who you believe you are.

Get off your butt, visit your beauty consultant to makesure your waxing is up-to-date. moisturise your skin after shower / bath. Take your pushup bra out of the bottom of your closet. Start Waist Training with MagicFit. Call to talk to one of the waist training specialist to discuss where to start for you. Order your MagicLift Butt Lifter.

Enjoy your Perfect Bodyshape from Tomorrow =)

Sky is the limit, Girls~! You can do what you think you can~!