There are 7 Things you need to do to look younger in 30 Days.


  1. 1. Start a Gym Membership and workout everyday for at least 1 hour a day until you sweat for over 20 minutes.

  2. 2. Yoga Meditation - Clear your mind and Yoga in a quiet and Relaxation Mode.

  3. 3. Waist Training - using Fat Burning and Inner Body Training Method and follow it religiously everyday. (Talk to one of the Waist Training Specialist with Waist Training Specialist MagicFit)

  4. 4. Facial Mask Every Day~! Yes Everyday~! Use at least 3 different products and change everyday in turn on your face.

  5. 5. Hand and Feet Mask (If you can do a full body SPA and Mask once or even twice a week. Do it!)

  6. 6. Do a 7 or 10 days Detox Program from the First Day.

  7. 7. Change your Diet to more Vegetables and More Healthy to work together with the Detox

Do all 7 above and enjoy the younger looking you in the mirror in ONLY 30 DAYS!