Firstly I should mention, where do you want this date to land? If you want this first blind date to lead to something really special, here are some tips for you to be successful.


1. Don’t dress too sexy. Legs or cleavage. You can only choose one.


2. If you can choose the time of your first blind date. Choose late evening when it’s a bit darker. People are more emotional (feel relaxed and romantic) at night compare with during day-time.


3. Choose a good corset shapewear to wear under your clothes.


4. Do not wear too much makeup.


5. Check your breath


6. Don’t have any physical contact with him. (Holding hands, kisses or sex are big No Nos.) If he start to get close to you. He is not on the same page with you. Maybe he just wants to have sex with you.


7. Let him be the lead. Let him choose the food or drink, only give very flexible answers.


8. Do not pay the bill. Let him start to feel he is “the man in the house”.


9. Listen and responds are both important.


10. Stay calm.


11. Smile.


12. Last point, which is the most important after all above points. Get to know more about him , double/triple check if “he is the one for you”.