Brutal Truth: Beautiful people are more intelligent, successful and happier. That’s Not Fair~!

Research proofed beautiful people are actually more intelligent, successful and happier.

Scientist has found some genes which promotes intelligence also appear to be the genes for good looks. Other than that, High IQ - smart people have better chance to gain an attractive partner to reproduce. So their kids are smarter and better looking.

High IQ - smart people also have better skill to look after their appearance. Research show people who has their IQ in the low end are not even bother look after themselves.

When Animal live in the animal kingdom, the smart male ones dominate and survive the most brutal time. They would gain the good looking female to mate. Research shows good looking people who look after themselves are higher achiever. They are more disciplined than people with less of a look.

Good look doesn’t means the same body with Victoria Secret Models. Good Look in life means well maintained look and well controlled bodyshape. A person can have a smart haircut, nice suit and beautiful body with nice waistline to be called beautiful.

Your body become the frontline to show “how you manage what you have”. It is not easy to continually look after yourself with facials, moisturizing yourself, Gym exercises, waist trainings to gain a beautiful waistline, pregnancy recovery. There are many very important event to show “real life crisis management” - i.e. pregnancy recovery, or nasty breakup/divorce recovery.

If you are working in HR, you see a beautiful maintained 25 yr old to come to an interview, how she dress shows her understanding of your company culture (or herself). Her bodyshape tells a lot about how she manage herself.

Does she has self-control. (over the sweet/fat food)

Is she a high achiever. (on benchmark/build herself to be fat or average or toned or slim bodyshape)

Does she really attention to details. (does she have beautiful well maintained nails.)

Is she easy to get along. (How long are her nails?Is that practical?)

The older she gets, the better her bodyshape describe how she will perform at work. Because it is easy to look after yourself for 5 years but it is not easy to continuely look after yourself in 20 years or even more. "A distant journey tests the strength of a horse. A long task proves the character of a man" 

Choose to be intelligent, successful and happier.

Be beautiful. Look after yourself.

Take 5 minutes to look at yourself in the mirror. Try to start to “attention to detail” to know where to improve. Improve it~!

Healthier Diet? Nice hair cut? Facial? Waist Training? Weight Loss? Start a plan or at least talk to a specialist for some opinion on how to start and how to be more effective. So your effort is right to the point.

Record your draft plan and record your achievements every week (or even everyday)

Choose Beautiful. Choose Happier, intelligent and successful life. It will be one of the best decision you’ve made in life. Challenge what you think you can achieve.

Sky is the Limit! You can do what you think you can!