Waist Training, waist Trainer, Shapewear, Waist trainer belt gives slimmer waist instant result. It  can be a permanent result depending on the way you train your waist.

There are a few ways I have done for my own waist training result.


First of all, you have to make sure you don’t have any body allergy or back pain.

Once you know about this, you start to design your own waist training plan. Everything needs a plan. And remember, any time is a good time. Don’t pick on weather, like Australia is too hot in summer or winner is too cold to do excises etc.. Waist Training can be done in any season in Australia.

A plan will start with the question like:

  1. Which professional adviser who is experienced in Waist Training I am going to consult before I make my own plan.
  2. How many hours I am planning to wear Waist Trainers?
  3. Whether I am going to do exercises while I am waist Training?
  4. Whether I am going to sleep in my Waist Trainers?
  5. If I do, how many nights I am going to wear Waist Trainer to sleep?



Second, Choose a range of good Waist Trainer with boning, Waist Trainer without Boning, Shapewear, Waist Training Belt.

Buy Waist Trainers Online, you have a lot of choices. MagicFit specially designed with state-of-art design and uses hi-Tech material to help you to burn extra fat.



Our recommendation is to use below items to form your waist training plan:

  1. Waist Trainer with Boning: https://www.magicfit.com.au/waist-training-corset-super-breathable-waist-slimmer-in-nude-colour.html
  2. Shapewear with breathable material: https://www.magicfit.com.au/floral-lace-overlay-3-in-1-waist-trainer-instant-boob-pushup-and-bum-lift-one-piece-shapewear-bodysuit.html
  3. Waist Training Belt to wear while doing exercise: https://www.magicfit.com.au/womans-ultra-slim-waist-training-belt.html
  4. Waist Trainer to wear to sleep: https://www.magicfit.com.au/ultra-slim-waist-trainning-corset-waist-shaper-waist-slimmer.html
  5. Stomach Slimmer is also recommended, it will help you to feel less hungry to help you eat more regularly but not too much each meal. https://www.magicfit.com.au/womans-super-stomach-slimmer-belt.html



Third, Consult with professional again on your made up plan and do a body check with your GP and also show them your plan and the items you’ve purchased along with the plan.


Fourth, Start trailing your plan for a few days, stop if you have uncomfortable and consult with professional again.


Very important point I leave it to the very last. You need to keep on going. Waist Training goes a long way. A lot of celebrities are doing it for years. Waist Training can start very young, but with professional advises and you need to do the hardwork to keep or shape back or create a hourglass bodyshape.


Remember, Sky is the Limit. You can do what you think you can.