There are a lot of occasions we need a quick-fix before a very important event.

Normally you only have not many days left before you realise your waist needs to be toned.

I have some quick-fix tips and products you can use to give you the best result on the day.


I only have 7 Days Left. What should I do?

Going to the first romantic trip with your new boyfriend in 7 Days and look fat? Here are some tips you can adapt to look great in 7 days.

Change to healthier diet. Take small meals daily instead of 3 big meals. Cut either Sugar or Fat (One kind of the high calorie food)

Do Sit-ups 8 sets a day (do as much sit-ups you can do per set. prefer 40-60 per set if you can)

Bridging (do this in between each set of sit-ups)

Weight yourself every morning after finish up with toilet and before breakfast to record your weight.

Measure your waist at the same time too to record your progress.

Try to wear the fat burning waist trainer as much as you can if you have fat to burn on outer body.

Wear the Inner Body (Group B) Lace-up Waist Trainer at least 2-4 hours to train your inner body. It will help you to appear in a hourglass shape faster. Sometimes it is even faster than fat burning products because it is instant.

Try to wear a shapewear from Group C to keep your result for the day when you sleep as well since you only have 7 days to play with.

Our best result by adapting this 7 days quick-fix program has lost 7kg and 2.1Inches in 7 Days.

So sky is the Limit. Make your record score from today! =)


I only have 2 Days Left. What should I do?

You don’t have much to play with if you only have 2 Days left. First of all count the days when you receive MagicFit Waist Trainers. Place your order before 3pm Monday-Friday, you will receive it overnight (next business day). If you just remember it on Friday, call as soon as possible, if you live in Sydney Metro Area, pay extra to get your waist trainer on the day.

If you live in New Zealand, give yourself good 3-10 working days depending on where you live. Auckland would be the fastest for delivery.

During these 2 Days, you need to change your Diet completely. Eat only healthy food. Exercise while wearing the MagicFit Fat Burning Waist Trainer.

Do exercises and do as much sets as you can. Speed walk while having your fat burning waist trainer on at least 1 hour a day to burn fat.

Use below Products:

Fat Burning Corset (as much time as possible if you have fat to burn)

Group B Inner Body Training Corset (at least 2-4hours even you have a lot of fat to burn. If you don't’ have much fat to burn, wear this as much as you can)

Shapewear to Maintain (Group C) Wear this to sleep to keep your achievement for the day.


This is a weight loss result in 2 Weeks! Take a look and be inspired!