There are 4 different shapes of butt in general

V Shape - bigger on the “Love Handle” and smaller down the “butt cheek”.

Square Shape - Bigger on the “Love Handle” and almost at the same amount at “butt cheek”.

Round - Small on “Love Handle”, bigger on the “butt cheek”

Heart - Perfect Shape. some fat on “love Handle”, big and perky on the ‘butt cheek”


Heart Shape is the most prefered butt shape over all 4 shapes. With MagicFit Butt Lifter Products. Have a heart Shape Butt  became so easy.

Here is how it works =)

MagicFit Butt Lifter (Click Here to view our condensed range of Butt Lifters from MagicFit)

V Shape - Press Down “Love Handle” and Lift “butt cheek” by grab more fat from around the ‘butt cheek” to create a fuller look.

Square Shape - Press Down “Love Handle”, Lift and Grab more fat around “butt cheek” to create a fuller look.

Round - Lift on “butt cheek” to reduce the drop from waistline to bottom of the butt.


All Above shape could be so much similar with a Heart Shape Butt with MagicFit Butt Lifter.


Summer/Tight Pants/Mini Skirt/Shorts/Tights - Most Recommended Butt Lifter

Winter/Pencil Skirt/Cocktail Dress - Most Recommended Butt Lifter



Suggest you have at least 2 pairs of butt lifter for wash and dry.