My grandfather is 84 years old. I paid him a visit last week to see how he cop. He is deaf and refuse to wear hearing aid. He has cataract and refused to have the surgery. He was a very outgoing old-man, he goes out everyday meet his friends in park and shopping mall or at ones home to play chess or just have a cup of tea.


He has a habit of going to supermarkets and compare prices of veges and fruits between Woolworths and Coles (big grocery stores in Australia) and buy some grocery back to cook.


When I visited him last weekend, he has totally changed. He is not outgoing anymore and he started to have all sort of health issues. He loved talking and reading newspaper everyday. By losing hearing ability and eye sight, he has totally lost his charm.


I suddenly realised the Only Thing Left in Life at Last is Confident. You need to feel good about yourself. Choice is important in life and when you make the choice, make sure you choose the choice which will enhance your confident. Things can enhance your confident are health, beautiful body, beautiful face. If confidence is coming from mingle with friends, make sure you are able to read (so you can have more stories to tell), you can hear and you can talk.  If confidence is coming from your beautiful appearance, make sure you enhance it, do your exercises, do your waist training, moistrise your skin after shower. If you still struggle with your bodyshape - talk to one of the waist training specialist in MagicFit, fix it and enhance your confidence.



The Only Thing Left in Life at Last is your Confident. Hang onto it.