You must have correct measurement of your waist:

Use Soft Measuring tape to Measure your Waist (Relax and Sucked in). Do not suck in to the extent that you are not able to breath (Normally you should be able to suck in 2 inches)


You must have a practical waist training plan:

Use above result as Starting Waist Size to make a Practical Waist Training Plan. i.e. Fat Burning Waist Trainer (5 hours), Inner Body Waist Training (4 hours), Body Shapewear (rest of the free hours) according to your lifestyle.


I have a list of what you can consider to wear in different situation/time of the day:

  1. Office Work (Not much Clients/Meeting Interaction) - Fat Burning Waist Trainer is ok. Or Inner Body Training Corset if you don’t want to sweat.

  2. Office Work (Lots of Meetings and Interaction with Clients) - Inner Body Training Corset or breathable shapewear / Waist Trainer.

  3. Free Time (At home or just after work) - Fat Burning Waist Trainer or Inner Body Training Waist Trainer

  4. Bed Time (Nothing on or Compression Garment / Shapewear)

  5. Gym - Fat Burning or Sports Safe Waist Trainers


You must choose correct waist trainers according your plan: ( I will list a few must haves for effective waist training)

  1. Choose at least 1 unit (prefer 2 units for wash/exchange) of Fat Burning Corset (If your waist is under 48 inches when you relax)

  2. Choose at least 1 unit (prefer 2 units wash/exchange) of Fat Burning Knee Pant (if your waist is under 43 inches)

  3. Choose at least 1 unit (prefer 2 units wash/exchange) of Inner Body Training Corset (If your waist is under 39 inches when you relax)

  4. Choose at least 1 unit (prefer 2 units wash/exchange) of Bodysuit or shapewear to keep the result for the day (no matter what size you are)


There is no one Waist Trainer can train everything. If you have seen a “All arounder” Waist Trainer. It must be lying. There isn’t one corset which can do everything. Waist Trainer which does the Fat Burning for your outer body needs to be a little elastane and it is not breathable too, to be able to do its fat burning Job.


Waist Trainer that does the inner body training which is a physical training for shaping are not elastane at all. It is absolutely non-stretchable and very much breathable most of the case. They all have full lace tie-back for you to tie by yourself. It is not able to avoid lace-up back for waist trainers which train your internal intestine (Inner Body Training).

You must order genuine waist trainer and shapewear from reputable brands:

Thanks to search engines like Google which you can easily find all different kinds of waist trainers online. However, It is like a lucky draw game. Sometimes you are lucky, sometime you don’t.

Brands like MagicFit is not only reputable as waist training specialist, but also well known for its unbeatable prices, quality and super efficient customer services.  Buying Genuine Waist Trainer from MagicFit, you would always be Lucky at your choice.

You must diet, eat healthy and exercise regularly to achieve visible result quicker:

If you are looking for even faster result, diet would be helpful. Eat only healthy food can accelerate Waist Training Progresses. It is proven by many waist training case studies.