Has your wife lost her spark after give birth to your baby? She start to wear lose clothes and do not care about her hair and makeup that much anymore compare with when you first meet?

Does she have a belly which you don’t really care or see? She may really care about it and just don’t have enough time to do anything about it.


over 60% of postpartum depression is related to body changes. Women feel less pretty and less perfect anymore after give birth.


It is very important to have a plan on postpartum recovery program and encourage your partner to lose the baby-belly. Maybe take care of the children after you finish work so she can have some time to do exercises or just some time alone so she can start to plan what to do with her recovery program.


I do understand she still look “perfect” in your(husband's) eyes, but help her feel “perfect” in her own eyes are very important to mental health and a healthy relationship too.


Waist Training can lead to Weight loss and you will feel more energetic, younger and bodyshape improvement. It is not about how much or how much time you are spending on this so that it needs to fit into your life financially and time schedule vise. It is really a life changing decision which you will benefit for the rest of your life.


Not only the great sexy body you are going to have which may even look better than what you have before you have baby, but also mentally strong and knowing that you can do anything you believe you can.


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