In Hollywood, there are a lot of celebrity beauty secret they wouldn’t want to share the truth with the general public.

i.e. Why it is so easy for celebrity to get back to their bodyshape after they gave birth?

Why their boobs are so perky even they do breast feeding?

What makes their waist so small even when they don’t wear waist trainers?

Why they look so young at age 60 when the general public like us look old when we are in our 40s or 50s?

I want to start with body and skin and diet.

Remember, if you want to look like a celebrity, you need to live like a celebrity, thus spend like a celebrity.

what kind of food they take? what brand/ $ they pay for their facial mask? they do at least 1 facial mask a day. What about you?

There is one thing you could get ahead or achieving the result celebrity achieve, no extra money would able to buy a better result. It is Waist Training.

Celebrity has their own Waist Training Secret. It could be wearing waist trainers everyday & night all the time except when they go out during the day (When wear clothes showing their tummy), and during shower.

Waist Training Celebrity does at least 30mins workout each day to keep their flat tummy the same. Sometimes small amount of workout is a symbol of you haven’t forget what you want to achieve, therefore you won’t do anything crazy like eat the whole birthday cake.

MagicFit reviews Celebrity secret. Now you can achieve what celebrity achieve without spend as much money as they do.

Follow a waist training plan you’ve made to yourself in the beginning and be disciplined to keep this plan. Review the plan each week.

MagicFit CEO Christine has said in one of the seminar in NYC that “Live disciplined, if you want to look amazing.” If you want to look like the hot girl in the magazine, live as disciplined as them.

Do not have any meal 4 hours before you go to sleep. Do Sit Ups in 20sets each time and do as much time as you can do each day.

Do your Cross-trainer or Running at least 20mins a day.

Do your Ab exercises - bridging at least 3-5mins each set and as many sets as you can do each day.

Have lots of Broccolis.

Have lots of Apples when you are hungry.

Drink lots of water.

Keep this rule with you.