A lot of my friends asked me how could I recover from pregnancy with such a short time without working hard for it too. 

MagicFit has reviewed the Hollywood Star Pregnancy recovery secret. 

First, you HAVE TO get all your gears ready at the same time when you get the new born nappies ready. You will be running around doing washing, changing nappies and cleaning after you give birth during your maternity leave. You need to get your gears ready, so your plan of how you going to recover from pregnancy and lost all excessive fat around your belly. It is a piece of mind to prevent from post pregnancy depression too. Research says over 70% of the post pregnancy depression is somehow relating to failure of pregnancy recovery. So have your recovery plan ready and have all the gears ready by following the "Pregnancy Recovery Guide".

Second, you need to know what you are expecting and make your decision on important points like breast-feed or not and diet after giving birth. When would the recovery plan start (Depending on whether you are nature birth or not.) Always check with your doctor on how early you are able to start the pregnancy recovery plan.

There are 5 Post Baby Changes MagicFit can help you to work against. Join the Magic Journey on Pregnancy Recovery today and Celebrate the result in 20 weeks! 


1. Saggy boobs after breastfeeding. A lot of girls think their boobs can develop for the second time when they breastfeed. The "result" won't be pleasant at all. Imagine you blow up a balloon and keep the air in it for over three months and release the balloon with less air in it. That's how your boobs are going to look like after breastfeed. MagicFit has products to against this nature to make you beautiful again. (Click here for Boob Lifter Product List)


2. Saggy Bum. Your Bum will drop at least 0.5cm after given Birth. Unfortunately it is the ugly truth you need to know.MagicFit has special Butt lifter products which are perfect to prevent and recover from butt drops. (Click here for Butt Lifter Product List)


3. Tummy Loose Skin. Your tummy will look like a balloon blown a lot of air and wait over six months. It will a lot of times have stretch marks, dark pigment around belly button or/and loose tummy skin after birth. MagicFit has products with fat burning function and also skin tightening , so while losing fat around your tummy, your skin tightened at the same time. (Click here for Tummy/Waist Slimming Product List)


4. Bigger Feet and leg at the second half of your pregnancy. MagicFit has products to prevent or work against this. Checkout our Hot Alfa Range Fat Burning and Skin Tightening Arm and Leg Slimmer/Trainer.

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5. Lose Pelvic Bone and back pain. When a woman deliver a baby, her pelvic bone moves, so sometimes after give birth, you will feel regular pelvic bone pain if you not recover well. (Click here for Hips/Pelvic Bone Support List)


MagicFit has product to prevent and against each changes. 

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Please read our Pregnancy Recovery Guide Page to select and group the right items to prevent or/and recover from above changes.

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