Hello Everyone, My name is Nicole Jensen. I am graphic Designer working in Surry Hills, Sydney. 5ft 4 (1.62CM) and 55kg(121pound).


I am Apple Shape Bodyshape with big boobs and big bum, seriously no waist.


I worked out a plan to start my waist training. I initially got the idea from looking at one of Kim K’s pictures. I’ve done manner changes to Kim to match the shape of my waist and other than my boobs are a little larger than Kim’s the body shape on Picture A look exactly the same with my body (I enlarged Kim’s Boobs a little bit too).



Picture A



I admire Kim’s body so much. I think she has a very beautiful curve. Below is her original picture. (Picture B)

Picture B


This means I have to slim my waist down by 12cm from 34inches (86cm) to 29inches(74cm). My 12cm waist slim, waist training plan started from 6th Sept 2013.

I have visited my GP and talked to her about my waist training idea. I’ve done some blood test to check my health and also make sure I don’t have any back problems before I start my journey on Waist Slimming Training.

First, I start to shop Waist Trainers. I need to start with a range of Waist Trainers to build my Waist training Wardrobe. My Trainer had suggested I stock 3 types of Waist Training Belts.

  1. Comfortable Waist Trainer (for Beginners)  - MagicFit Waist Trainers Recommended for Beginners (Click for Shortcut)


  1. Waist Training Belt for Training (in Gym or at home) – This needs to be safe and have a back support is highly recommended. - MagicFit Waist Trainers Recommended for Gym Training Safe Support (Click for Shortcut)


  1. Another Comfortable Waist Trainer for Hygiene purposes. (Recommend to be the same style with #1) - MagicFit Waist Trainers Recommended for Beginners (Click for Shortcut)





After 12 Weeks, I started my Advanced Waist Slimming Training to improve the stability of my result.

Advanced Waist Slimming Training needs to have two more items in your Waist Trainers Wardrobe.



With a Waist Training, Waist Trainer, Waist Slimmer Plan. I have achieved a result as below after 24 weeks of training. (With Kim’s shape but slightly bigger in waist then her and larger boobs)

Now I am on my 88th Weeks, I am still maintaining my hourglass bodyshape and I would like to share with everyone that you can achieve a permanent result by using the right waist training plan and tools. Most importantly, you have to 1st believe in it and know exactly what you want to achieve, 2nd do your necessary exercises, 3rd Wear your Waist Trainers.