What is Waist Training?

There are many different shapes for human bodies. i.e. pear shape, apple shape and hourglass shape. Most of the public believes hourglass body shape is the sexiest body shape of all. Waist Training is use physical training to change body shape to hourglass body shape.

Waist Training is not necessarily involves weight lost. It is simply train internal intestine to stay at the position they suppose to stay so from outside, the body appears to have hourglass body shape. And yes, it is safe. But of course, you need to follow professional waist trainer’s advices. Do not be too aggressive with your waist training plan is another key.


What are the key to success of waist training?

**Good Waist Training Plan
**Good Advisor who is professional in Waist Training
**Good Selection of Waist Training Shapewear


Is shapewear for everyone?

Shapewear or Waist Training is really a personal choice. Traditional Shapewear including corsets are not made for everyone to wear every day.  MagicFit Designer specially crafts The Body Foundation Collection which is designed to wear for a longer period of time during day or night.


How long do I need to do waist training to see a result?

Waist Training result is depending on the waist trainer herself. It’s related to how long do you wear your waist trainer in a day/night. How tight are you progressing into at the moment? Normally it takes 4-6 weeks to notice the difference and 12-14 weeks to have obvious changes and 16-18 weeks to go into stable period. Waist Training needs to maintain its result before your body grow into it. Because the hourglass shape body is “man-made”, somehow you need to maintain and look after this “man-made” hourglass body shape more carefully than the natural hourglass body shape.



How and where to buy good Shapewear?

Choose a good shapewear is very important; imagine you are going to shape your body according to how designer cut the corset/shapewear. You need to find professional Waist Trainer Specialist like MagicFit to select your professional ranged Waist Training Corsets.


How long does waist training product last?

Different waist training corset uses varies material. MagicFit works closely with scientists who discover new materials which can be adapted into everyday garment. Material like Latex has been found and waved with hi-tech fat-burn mechanism to help MagicFit users to burn more fat easier and faster.

There is another Hi-Tech Fat-burn material were build to wear during day or night which is more breathable. Understand the material of your shapewear helps you to look after your shapewear better, so you could have your shapewear last longer.

If you taking good care of your shapewear, it could last for a very long time. Basically you don’t need to change it if the shapewear is still clean (Hygiene) and tight. If the shapewear start to feel lose or start to give you itchy skin all the time. It’s time to change it.


Real life example who has achieved amazing result by using MagicFit products.

 The bigger the body size, the more obvious your result would potentially be. I have seen a size 14+ lady after using MagicFit product, her waist reduced dramatically. Her body became a very obvious “man-made” hourglass shape.

She has used Latex Waist Training Corset to burn fat, 3-1 Reward winning body suit and the body foundation to achieve this result.

Another lady I’ve seen is actually very slim at size 6 but her waist is almost a straight line. There isn’t any defined waist line. After using MagicFit Latex Waist Training Corset and The body Foundation, she achieved amazing result.

Now she is using X-U Singlet and Hourglass Creator to maintain the result every day.


Waist Training for Dummies: (Take a picture at your relaxed form at the beginning of your Waist Training)

1. Start to wear Latex Fat-Burn Waist Training Corset 4-6 hour a day for the first 4 weeks of your Waist Training.
2. Wear The Body Foundation one piece Beauty Suite 4-6 hours a day for the first 4 weeks of your Waist Training.
3. Gradually grow one hour a day on The Body Foundation one piece Beauty Suite.
4. Use U-X Shape Shapewear Singlet to replace The Body Foundation during Home Time or sleep time.
5. Achieve 24 hours shapewear during week 10.
6. Week 12, your result on hourglass body shape will harvest. Take a picture and compare the picture of when you first started the Waist Training.
7. Eat Healthy with Less Sugar and Fat. Do at least 30mins workout every day.


Do I need to maintain the Waist Training Result?

Yes you do. Waist Training is to achieve “Man-Made Hourglass Body shape”, the answer is Yes, you do need to use corset and shapewear to maintain your “Man-Made Shape”


How to make sure Waist Training is Safe?

1. Do not be aggressive. Release yourself and get out of the Corset/Shapewear immediately if uncomforting feeling accrued.
2. Choose Professional Waist Training Specialist store - MagicFit to build your Waist Training Wardrobe. Buy from Specialist store if your purpose is not only achieve a result short-term, but also create the hourglass shape permanently. You need some professional help.