1. How to decide whether you can do waist training

This is a very good question. First of all I just want to say, you have to know your waist training goal and listen to your body. Knowing what you want to achieve by waist training and what’s the reason you want to do waist training. Listen to your body to know whether your health condition allows you to do waist training.

If you want to do waist training to please your husband or your boyfriend, maybe think more about yourself on what do you really want. Do you want to do it just for you. Waist Training is a long journey, you need to take it slow and work on it step by step. Waist Training can become addiction. Understand what you want to achieve and within a boundary and knowing when to stop is a very important thing. Waist Training needs to start with a plan. Waist Trainers need to see their GP to advise if their health condition is suitable to wear waist trainer corset.

Summer in Australia can be very hot in some cities, choosing the right type of waist trainer is very important. You may need more than one set of waist training corsets to cope with the weather during the year in Australia. Waist training in Australia is very popular.

Back to our question on whether waist training is for you. Healthy waist training can be for everyone. MagicFit believes in healthy Waist Training. We don’t believe in tie your waist super tight till you can’t breath is the right way to train your waist. There is another way to achieve the goal in a healthy way and less painful way. (www.MagicFit.com.au to view MagicFit Products and know more about it)

Just take a look at yourself in the mirror. Imagine all your fat-wrinkles on your body are smoothed out (Underwear fat-wrinkle and Bra fat-wrinkle)

Imagine your waist is smoothly 3-5 Inches smaller.

What would you say? Do you like the body if your body is like that?

I bet most of your are very excited about that changes. It’s the same with questions like if all freckles on your face are all gone, if all wrinkles on your face and neck are all gone or if you have even skin-tone everywhere on your face. Most of people are happy with just some small but dramatic improvements. (Talk to one of our Waist Training Specialist in MagicFit and let us know your Waist Training Plan.)


  1. Who does waist training in Hollywood

Waist Training started from early 1900s the Flat-front corset which pushed the breast up and the bottom backwards. in the olden days in early 1900s, ladies are wearing very heavy dresses. By wearing corset, it can show nice slim waist-line and pushed up breasts, the hourglass shape was very popular.

Recently a few stars brought back the hourglass popularity. Dita Von Teese was born on 28th Sept 1972, 166CM(5feet 5), Bra size 10C / 32C, Waist Size: 22 Inches, (35”  22”  34”)

Madonna, 16th August 19 1958, 164CM 36C / 24 / 34

Christina Hendricks, born on 3rd May 1975, 39” / 30” / 39”

Beyonce, born on 4th Sept 1981, 90cm / 61cm / 88cm

Kim Kardashian, born on 21st Oct 1980, 159CM, 34” / 26” / 39”

Nicki Minaj born on 8th Dec 1982 , 89cm/66cm/114cm (34”C / 26” / 45”), 157CM

The public noticed their hourglass body shape

Kim Kardashian became noticed by the media by being a friend to Paris Hilton. in 2007, Kim Kardashian’s sex tape which made in 2003 drawl a lot of attention with her former boyfriend Ray J. Her father Robert Kardashian is a very famous Lawyer in LA. Her most difficult time made her the lady today.

Kim Kardashian has her own fashion range and shoe range. She is by far one of the most talented star in hollywood. Kim’s amazing hourglass body became almost every girl’s dream body shape. She is married with Kanye West, American Rapper, born on 8th June 1977, 173CM.

Kanye is a very loyal husband and also very successful career wise.

Compare with Kim’s former boyfriends/ex husband , Kris Humphries, Damon Thomas, Kanye by far better choice and definitely the “prince charming” for Kim Kardashian.

Kim is now married and already had a baby girl with Kanye. Both Career and Family are very successful. She quickly reduced weight after given birth and back to her amazing body shape.


  1. How to measure yourself

First of all you need to know where to measure before you study how to measure.

Waist Trainers are very tight to your body, therefore it needs very precise measurements to be able to choose a correct corset.

You need take two measurements, please take the measurement and keep it with you (for example you can save it in your phone) so whenever you need it, you can just take it out to use it.

Please record result in both Inches and centimeters.

Measure your waist when you relax, your waist is about 1-2 inches over your belly button.

Measure your waist again while you hold your breath (sucked in).

If you want to wear a very tight corset, you choose a smaller size on your range. If you want to wear a more comfortable corset, you choose a slightly larger size on your range.

When you hold your breath, try to imagine the size you want to achieve on your waist.  

The way to measure yourself apart from using a soft measuring tape, you can also use different way to measure your waist.

1st you can actually use an Iphone cable + a ruler to measure your waist. Iphone cable is ;1.1 Meter (110cm) from end to end. you use iphone cable to measure your waist and then use the ruler to measure the short of the cable to calculate your waist size.

Another way you can measure your waist is you can use a “printable measuring tape”. Here is a link to the printable measuring tape. You can print it out, using a stapler and scissors to make a measuring tape. (Click here for Printable Measuring tape)


  1. Which corset suits you - 3 things you need to consider

There are many corsets you can choose from to start your waist training. MagicFit has a philosophy of corseting doesn’t need to be painful, waist training doesn’t need to be painful.

MagicFit Waist Training Plan combines Waist Trainer with spiral steel bones and lace tie-back. and Waist Trainer specially designed for waist training.

MagicFit’s Waist Trainers are specially designed for waist trainers who wants to achieve waist training result via a more healthy way and less painful way.

First you need to consider what’s your budget. Do you understand waist trainers and corsets are the closest garment towards your body. It is not only a garment, it is also a physical shaper to shape your body. You need to budget a bit more to buy quality pieces on waist trainer and corsets for good health of your body.


  1. Example sizing on Kim Kardashian waist training corset. sizing needs to be decided with your waist measurement and your body shape

 I take Latex Fat Burn Waist Training corset as an example.

For example you waist is 67cm (26.5”) when relax and 65cm (25.5”) when you hold your breath (sucked in).

If you are the hourglass body shape, or triangle body shape you need to wear Size S(25.5” to 27”)

If you are the Apple Body Shape or pear body shape, which means the measurement under your breast is actually smaller than your waist measurement, you should go for XS (23.5” to 25”)

If under your breast is smaller measurement than your waist measurement,


  1. Quick fix or permanent change

This is a question you should ask yourself. Do you want a quick fix just before you go out. Or you want a permanent change, you want to be able to have this curve when you don’t wear your waist trainer (i.e. in swimming pool or just an outfit showing off your tummy or a romantic night with your partner in sexy lingerie)

In the beginning stage, your result would be very quick-showing by using MagicFit product. The first step is actually easier. Out of our sample test of 100 girls who start to use variety of MagicFit Products, 67 of them improved 2.5 inches in the first 6 weeks, 18 of them improved 3.5 inches in 6 weeks, 16 of them improved 2 inches, 4 of them improved only 1.5inches after 6 weeks.

Waist training result is depending on each person. It might take longer for one to another. It’s depending on how flexible your lower cag of the ribs is and how soft you are. the more flexible your lower cag of your rib is, the quicker and better your result is.

After wearing waist training for a little while, if you take your waist trainer out for a few hours during the day to be able to wear swimming costume or just outfit showing off your tummy. Your shape would stay. However, you still need to go back to your corset to be able to maintain your “man-made” hourglass body shape.

MagicFit can achieve both quick fix and permanent change. MagicFit believes in waist training but not painful waist training. MagicFit uses hi tech material to help you achieve result faster and eventually achieve a sustainable result. MagicFit uses steel boned cinchers combine with hi tech materialed item to make sure you are happy to wear your waist trainer / shapewear as much as you can.

Waist Training is using physical way to shape your body which is no Yoga or workout in Gym can achieve. You could be active member in gym and your could be very slim but it doesn’t mean you have a waist. MagicFit helps girls in gym and Yoga, MagicFit has product which are safe for Yoga or Gym. (Click here to view MagicFit UX Singlet Top)


  1. How to wear waist trainer, shapewear or corset

Shapewear is the easy one to start this topic. Lets start with Shapewear. Shapewear is using special made material which have very high density to push fat inwards. At the same time, smooth fat wrinkles accrued by under-garment like underpants or bra.

MagicFit shapewear material is made by a special type of machine which is totally different from machine which waving normal garment material.

When you put the shapewear on, you need to step into it with your feet, pull it up from your bottom and then put your arms in. This way you can avoid the journey with shoulder, because from neck to shoulder their are a lot more strength you need to stretch it and put it on, but from your leg, bottom, the natural curve will help to stretch the material, therefor it's a lot easier to put it on compare to put it on from the top.

 Waist Trainer is normally focus on waist area only, you need to hook all the hooks on. The right way to put waist trainer on is to hook the first hook first and slowly work it down. If the waist trainer is too long, when you sit down, you can open up 1 or 2 button on the top. If your hips is too big for the waist trainer or your waist is short, you can open up another 2-3 buttons down the button to make sure you feel comfortable.

Normally there are more than 1 line of hooks which you can utilize in between as well. you can start with the most lose line of hook and when it's close to your waist, you hook onto the tightest hook on the waist trainer.

 Corset can wear for fun or for waist training. MagicFit believes in healthy waist training and also believes waist training can also be very much in style. you need to loosen the lace on the back of the corset, and then put the corset on by stepping into it and pull it up from the bottom. Then you slowly tighten up your lace, do the top first, and then bottom. Tie the nod to a bow. If you decide to wear this corset to go to sleep, tie a loose bow just in case you want to loosen it while you sleep.


  1. Seasoning your corset

when you get a new set of corset. it’s like a new pair of shoe, you need to get use to it (season) it.

Below is the step of how to season your new corset.

After you take it out of the packaging, you can use 50% Vodka and 50% spring water to spray the corset. waist until the corset completely dry. You can start to wear the corset. Don’t tie it too tight in the beginning. Its not a competition. If you have to choose between whether you want to wear it tighter or longer in time length, for achieve the best result, you should always choose to wear the corset longer in time length.

It doesn’t need to be super tight as long as you feel ok to wear it as much as you can.

You should put it on for approx 2 hours to feel how you feel with this corset and tighten it a bit more every hour until you feel over half way to your full strength. waist for the second day to season your waist training corset again. until your corset is mold to your shape. Then you finished seasoning your corset.


  1. How many hours should you wear your Waist Training Corset daily

This is a frequently asked question. How many hours should you wear your waist training corset daily. It is depending to yourself and what do you want to achieve.

If you are looking for short term fix to your waistline, you only need to wear it when you need it. But if you want to achieve a permanent result, you will need to keep your corset on as much as you can. That’s why you need to prepare a few different corsets.

Sometimes you want to take a break from this corset, but you can pick up something “new” to put it on, so you keep the “continuity. Waist Training is very important to keep the continuity. You need to wear waist trainers as much as you can.

MagicFit designed some Shapewear in Mesh and MagicFit Fabric material.

MagicFit’s product make sure you progress is without a painful journey. It has certain amount of pressure on your body but it's not so uncomfortable that you have to get out of it.

Some active waist trainers wear 23 hours a day and only take the waist trainer corset out when they are showing.

I have to agree with the comment that the more you wear the waist trainer, the better and faster the result would be.

Waist Trainer is very tight, so it makes you feel less hungry. Waist Training can lead to weight lose.

You should be able to wear your waist trainer for at least 4 hours a day as a minimum to be able to have some result.


  1. Tighter or Longer?

Waist Training is not a competition. Tighter or Longer, definitely longer. MagicFit believes waist training doesn’t need to be painful. you can slowly shape your body, until you are happy with the shape. You don’t have to compete on how tight you can go. The result will tell who “win” in the end. You need to be patient. Patient to be able to take step by step. You need to give your curve a bit pressure, but not too much that you can’t stay in your waist trainer long.


  1. Diet for Waist Training

Diet for Waist Training is very important because waist trainer is very tight so you may don’t feel as hungry as before. How ever, you do need to drink enough water and take multiple meals a day.

I have made a Diet Plan for Waist Trainers:

Breakfast: Broccoli in hot water for 5 mins (as much as you want) + Poached Egg x1 + Apple (as many as you want) + Low Fat Milk (1 glass)

Lunch: Zucchini (as much as you want) + Spray Olive Oil (Salt & Pepper) (as much Zucchini as you want) + Poached Egg x 1  Apple (as much as you want)

Dinner: Fish Filet + Salad +Feta Cheese + Whole Grain Bread (Or Sourdough Bread)


  1. Can I sleep in Waist Training Corset?

This is a frequent asked question. Can I sleep in my waist trainer? How can I sleep in my waist trainer? What type of waist trainer can I wear to sleep? First of all, you need to select a reputable professional waist training shapewear brand. MagicFit is professional Waist Training Specialist. Select a professional waist training specialist store is good for your own health and ensure a good result.

There are a number of styles which is suitable to sleep in.


  1. Exercise Tips for Waist Training

Wear Fat Burning Latex Waist Training, you don’t need to do a lot of exercise. All you need to do is moving as usual. Like Vacuuming or just washing dishes. You don’t have to do a lot of exercises to be able to see a good result. This is what’s special about MagicFit. MagicFit - for Busy Ladies.


  1. Cleaning Tips for Waist Training

You can try 50% Vodka and 50% Spring water spray the corest. Any hard-to-remove Stains, you can try to clean the stain (soak) it by using White vinegar first. Once the stain is removed, use 50% Vodka and 50% Spring water.

Dry your Waist Trainer in shade and waist for it to dry completely.

The lace on corset need to take out to clean, you can use soap to wash it and line dry. You can change your lace by buying yourself new set of lace. As long as the lace can take a lot of weight.


  1. Why there are so many different types of Waist Training Corset (Introduce MagicFit Products)

There are a lot of different types of Waist Training Corset. There are types for fun wearing corset and there are special waist training corset. Waist Trainers or corsets can look quite similar in terms of look but because the material and cut are not exactly the same, they can be totally different. choose a reputable brand to work with if you want to do waist training and make sure it’s safe to your body/health.